The Clinton Scandal You Haven’t Heard of…Yet

The Gateway Pundit began a series yesterday that promises to expose a Clinton corruption scandal that the DOJ/FBI tried to bury in 2016.

The story revolves around a company formed in 2007, AGT International, that specialized in selling services and equipment abroad that are restricted from export. Of course with millions of donations to the Foundation, there’s nothing the Clintons wouldn’t do for their benefactors to help them make billions overseas.

” In 2016 at the time when there was a DOJ investigation into AGT and its illegal actions related to selling its highly sensitive defense and Homeland Security products to Russia and China, AGT updated its website and purged some references to the sensitive nature of its products.  The company also shutdown most of its operations in the US.”   More

20 Comments on The Clinton Scandal You Haven’t Heard of…Yet

  1. Yeah, but Russia is in the Northern Hemisphere and Trump lives in the Northern Hemisphere so that proves collusion and that is more important than Hillary undermining American security.

  2. Wake me up when CNN posts posts actual photos of Clinton wearing orange and ankle cuffs on a gurney going into a Federal Prison.

  3. Hillary and Bill are teflon.
    No legitimate investigations, no grand juries, no indictments, no prosecutions.
    $100s of Millions in their pocket can buy freedom and a extravagant corrupt lifestyle.

  4. Tried to post — never showed up, tried again, this is what I got.

    Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!

  5. As with anything involving a member of the deep state, I won’t hold my breath waiting for that cunt Hillary to be prosecuted. She never will. She’s protected by the Prince of Darkness, who, apparently runs the DoJ now.

  6. We might as well all face the fact that we now have a two tier justice system in America. One set of rules for republicans/conservatives and a completely different set of rules for liberals. Hillary will never be prosecuted, never spend a second in jail or even in court.

  7. No matter how much money they make or the sum of all their material possessions on this earth, one day Mr Death will come knocking.

  8. The Clintons have a history of selling top secrets to our enemies.
    Look up Bernie Schwartz, and how hound dog gave Bernie’s Loral the okay to sell missle secrets to Red China.

  9. In addition to meaning “1” the uni in UNIPARTY also stands for united. For those asleep from 10/13/16 to 11/5/16 the Bush/Rove folk told us many time to vote Clinton!

    The FBI/DOJ is run by progressives put in place by Bush. They, as GWB’s boy Comey did, will protect all Clintons!


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