The Collapse of Gender Sanity

Adam Miller and Tina
Adam Miller and Tina

PublicDiscourse: Men were built for fighting. Women were built for childbearing. It’s interesting to note how stubbornly true—even obvious—these statements remain, despite aggressive efforts to bury them.

Modern people have a penchant for denying obvious things. Dysfunctional politics and political correctness have brought us to the point of potentially approving women’s inclusion in a military draft. The Senate Armed Services Committee recently entertained arguments in favor of requiring women to register for the selective service, and three candidates endorsed the plan in New Hampshire’s Republican debate. The trickle is turning into a stampede. Suddenly political correctness requires that we all agree that girls can fight just as well as boys.

The problem is that it’s just not true. We need to return to some basic Aristotelian principles in order to explain why drafting women would be both imprudent and unjust.  more

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  1. Women can make better sandwiches than men and you don’t see the men trying to push the women out of the kitchen. There’s no way a man should make his own sammich just as there’s no way a woman should be forced on the front line. That’s fine if the women want to, but they need to be back home in time to make sandwiches.

  2. Someone better tell Adam Miller that he’s pointing an unloaded weapon, otherwise Abdul might shoot Tina off his shoulder.

  3. yakimaal, I don’t think that’s necessarily true. Many of the women enlisting aren’t runway material, that’s why they’re enlisting in the first place.

  4. Let’s push this argument to the end.

    Let’s only draft women and have a totally female armed forces.

    Oh, and fags, they can fight too.

  5. This is the ridiculous end game of the SJWs. They want female/male equality in ALL things, and have been pushing to have the gender block dropped from the military’s combat arms and elite forces (Rangers, SEALs, etc).
    The SJWs have NO consideration for the facts of biological differences, and like all socialists, will view the disparity in the injuries and body bags as just, “we need to try something different.”
    So, as the last idiotic step in the SJWs end game, we MUST have the female draft, in order to put enough females (unwillingly) into the front line combat arms.

    Someone please invent a time machine so I can go back to silence Helen Gurley Brown?

  6. @old_oaks…Adam has just dropped his last empty magazine and is preparing to fire his shoulder launched “fur missile.” 😉

  7. The Israelis don’t put women on the front lines. Female IDF patrol borders with countries with a treaty. The rest of the women serve in many other capacities and that prolly includes making falafel pita sandwiches.

    The first US military female prisoner taken by the muzz enemy is going to be tortured, raped, beaten and stoned to death on camera. Same for any homo soldiers, unless they’re just thrown off buildings after being tortured raped on camera.

    But what about….
    “I’m having PMS/my period I can’t fight today…”
    “I think I’m pregnant I can’t fight today…”
    “I have to wash my hair, I can’t go out fighting looking like THIS…”

  8. Having a loaded magazine properly affixed just might offend somebody, besides, it is just more screwing our boys on their ROEz.

  9. No worries about periods, there’s mandatory injections or hormone implants for enlisted women. If they get prego, they’re done. Give a woman the right drugs and her body functions like a man’s, except for the inherent sexual dimorphism, and lack of female unit cohesion, which will never be surmounted.

  10. This is civilizational suicide. We have gone one step beyond one of the most militant societies, the Spartans, and instead of having women produce soldiers or breeders they have to BE the soldiers and are given drugs to NOT produce the next generation. Hormonal birth control will have to be mandatory for combat units. I don’t think this will work out in the long run.

  11. When my son’s unit went to Iraq it included female gunners on some of the Humvee’s (job was considered “security” rather than combat.

    But then after getting shot at daily, one by one they ALL got pregnant and went home, Not one finished the tour.

    The uterus is defacto parachute.

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