The coming deplatforming of all analysis of Muslim jihad

Essay by Robert Spencer-

This could be goodbye, my friends. Leftist and Islamic groups have been trying for years to silence all criticism of jihad terror and Sharia oppression of women and others, and in the New Zealand massacre they see the best chance in a long time to move in for the kill.

Since analysis of the motivating ideology behind jihad terror is routinely smeared as “hatred of Islam and Muslims,” this will likely outlaw all such analysis and make opposition to jihad terror effectively impossible.

And these bans are very likely coming. In America, they won’t take the form of actual laws forbidding criticism of Islam (although remember that Tom Perez, the current head of the Democratic National Committee, refused to rule out the implementation of such laws a few years ago, when he was Assistant Attorney General in the Obama administration). They’re more likely to take the form of a complete deplatforming. We will be able to speak, but no one will be able to hear us, as we won’t be allowed on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the rest.

IUMS was not alone. Saudi King Salman tweeted: “The heinous massacre that targeted worshippers in the mosque in New Zealand is a terrorist act, and it reaffirms the responsibility of the international community in combating hate speech and terrorism that is not condoned by religions or the values of tolerance.” Apparently terrorism that is condoned by religions is fine with him, as in “strike terror in the enemies of Allah” (Qur’an 8:60). But by “hate speech” he almost certainly means honest discussion of how Islamic jihadis use the texts and teachings of Islam to justify violence.


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  1. Their 49 only covers the Pulse 49.
    We are FAR from even.
    We didn’t start the fire…

    You are correct, never let a crisis…
    (Unless it’s a crisis at the border, then it’s manufactured.)

  2. I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating.

    Pamela, Robert, and others are attempting to wake America up to the threat of radical Moslems and Sharia Law. Otherwise peeps, you’ll die in your sleep.

    Religious Vilification Laws will only apply to Islam, as a gutless surrender by spineless governments.

  3. and when the crescent loving cross haters take over Christchurch and all of the downunder, they will change its name to, Mohamedmosque

  4. Let’s ban reporting on the actual reasons the shooter wrote down to explain why he did it…so the media and Leftist politicians can blame who they want, not let their crisis go to waste and pass a bunch of laws in a quick power grab against people who had nothing to do with it.

    In the US, it’s always about some mythical clock that someone is going to turn back to the 1950s. Yuck! Baby booming, patriotic war vets driving gas guzzlers and racism between Elvis and Buddy Holly songs. But the Death of Western Civilization demands nothing less than the absolute protection of those who want to roll the calendar back 14 centuries. Oh, and let’s call it Progress.

  5. Wait a sec … the “fake news” has been ignoring and skewing stuff about negroes, fags, and illegal alien invaders for decades.
    And ragheads for just a shorter time.

    No doubt the “Goebbels” faction will do its damnedest to obscure the facts.
    We don’t have to just sit and take it.
    Thankfully, guys like Mr. Hat are spotlighting.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. I read somewhere that the NZ’er was at one time…..

    a communist and an eco-fascist…..

    If true…..He doesn’t sound “right wing” to me.

  7. ^
    If you believe only the MSM you will conclude that ALL mass murderers (and criminals in general) are homophobic racist right-wing terrorists.

  8. Antisemitism is rapidly becoming the global norm. Intolerant Christians rejecting Islam will become the targets of the antisemites which will embolden the moslems to attempt a world coup. The only one to stop this is Jesus Christ and stop it He will.


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