The corruption of Barack Obama

American Thinker:

The national media are flabbergasted that Americans won’t consent to President Trump’s removal from office.  How can so many of his compatriots be indicted and so many government bureaucrats condemn his behavior without giving them what they desire: self-assurance that they are “on the right side of history”?

If they ever wish to understand, the critical starting point in their education is not the current presidency, but the last one.  Although there are numerous ways to describe the present divide in America, one of the simpler is thus: those Americans who take Barack Obama at his word that his presidency was historically “scandal free” and those Americans who see the unrelenting stream of Deep State attempts to take down President Trump as a continuing coup and the natural extension of an unethical, criminal, and at times unconstitutional Obama presidency.

For those of us in the latter camp, Barack Obama presided over a corrupt administration and used his historic election as the first non-white American president as a get-out-of-jail-free card to abuse his power while silencing his critics.

Whataboutery is frowned upon now that President Trump is in office, but if President Trump had done a tiny percentage of what Obama orchestrated, he actually would be in federal prison.  Imagine what would have happened if President Trump had done the following:

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  1. And he’ll continue uninterrupted to enjoy a materially comfortable life, then die a protected, wealthy, celebrated man.

    But after that…

  2. Just the other day I happened to see one of Obama’s new business cards.
    On the front it sez: Professional Snake-Oil Salesman
    On the back are all his “services” listed:
    ISIS JV Team Sponsor
    Wookie rentals
    Chicken Manure
    Dog meat
    Arms Dealer
    Communists Hired
    Knows Hu to bow to…..and Wen!
    Records hidden
    Cash for Clunkers
    Teleprompters read
    Bullgarian spoken fluently
    Peace Prizes stolen
    Recovery Summers available
    Enemies bowed to
    Allies insulted
    Terrorists coddled
    Al-Qaeda “decimated”
    Benghazi Riced
    Treasurys looted
    The American People lied to
    Fingers pointed
    Bushes blamed
    Red Lines drawn
    Maroon-Lines drawn
    Fuchsia-Lines drawn
    Monuments Barrycaded
    Healthcare Grubered
    Healthcare destroyed
    Ferguson Community Organized
    Insidious Political Activities Hatched
    Political candidates spied on
    Vice Presidents disavowed
    Phones tapped
    Phone and email records seized
    Manned Space Programs shut down
    Military fucked
    Veterans fucked
    Americans fucked
    Israel fucked
    Birthday cakes made with “Scandal Free” ingredients,
    Topped with Arrogance and Labeled: “Just 2 Good 4 U”
    Call 1-800 EAT IT!!
    (Get 20% off: Use the codewords “Feckless Kenyan” or “Rainbow Golfcart”)

  3. Forgot one – violated US Constitution and the sanctity of the Presidency by being a foreign born national being elected to an American born requirement (won’t say anything about Moochelle’s lack of femininity).

    After all it’s just a small one…

  4. noting will ever happen to barock unless the citizens themselves do it

    the entrenched bureaucracy will not do it

    and al the worrying and bloviating about it is nothing but distraction while the continued deep state continues to sell the citizens out

    we have let it go too far to be reined in by the vote

    and we are too distracted to change it

    I don’t mean to be a doom and gloom guy, I call it the way I see it

  5. ^^^ Or what I call: If you can’t beat ’em, drag ’em down to our level of Liberal SUCK!
    (Commie Losers won’t tolerate competition)

  6. Bill isn’t a downer, he’s just got his eyes wide open and knows what he sees.

    The United States of America, as originally designed, was the greatest possible idea that could have been made dependent upon the worst possible people (humans). Even the best of men are still just fallible, weak, sinning men. Sooner or later, the worst comes out in us all. You know it as well as I.

    Even though our system was predicated upon impeccably faithful representatives who would put everyone’s interests above their own…then go back to their private life without accruing wealth and power, with their administrative duties passing to likewise faithful representatives…that same noble ideal made it an irresistible magnet to liars, thieves, parasites, sociopaths, and tyrants.

    That’s why we are where we are, and that’s why it’s hopeless — the villains have made the system their own, top to bottom. But the system will still fail because man, as man, has already failed. It cannot go on like this indefinitely. It’s going to throw a rod.

    So in a very dark sense, we have that to look forward to.

  7. The danger to the US was not so much Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a person like Obama to an office. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of Obama than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved citizenry willing to have such a person as their President.

    The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Hillary, Obama or Mueller, who are mere symptoms of what ails the US. Blaming the royalty of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that would have made Obama their king.

    The US may survive an Obama or a Hillary, who are, after all, merely fools. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools, such as those who vote for them.

    The sycophants are still out there.

  8. Donald Trumps & hopefully the Presidency after his are a respite in the swampistas and medias relentless march towards dominating the American people.
    obamma is the current sock puppet, many are standing ready to take his place.
    The political & ´legal´ harassment President Trump is subjected to will not end. Each and every strong opponent of the swamp dwellers will be subjected to the same treatment, forever………….

  9. The FIRST Kenyan/Indonesian/British national, mohammedan President, from… “Hawaii”… 🤨

    There’s corruption clue #1! 😡

  10. Too many voters are either ignorant or complacent perhaps both but I personally lay the majority of the blame at the feet of the MSM.

  11. How dare anyone say anything denigrating about the magic negro. His intelligence, wisdom and kindness will new a beacon of sanity for future generations to fawn over. Orange man bad!



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