The Cost of a Street Name Change

Just change a street to Arthur Ashe Blvd., you say?

PHenry says-

The cost of politicians virtue signaling to be born by small business owners.

All business cards, invoices and letterhead need to be discarded.  Business licenses and tax info needs to be filed.  New checks need printing.

But the political peacocks don’t give a shite about the little people.


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  1. In 1972, they wanted to name a street in my hometown after MLK. First, they wanted to rename Washington Blvd. That didn’t fly, so they wanted to rename Forth Street. At the time, I worked at Forth Street Auto Parts and that was going to cost my employer big bucks along with hundreds of other businesses, not to mention the confusion of changing a numbered street. Eventually, a new loop project that encircled most of the city was named MLK Parkway. Make sure you are well armed when you travel down that road. Just sayin’.

  2. I’ve seen quite frequently where a street named 1st is still named 1st Street. They put another sign below it as Schmuckstien Way.

  3. It’s always been very expensive to kiss black ass. We’ve been shoveling fortunes down the toilet for decades.

  4. Several years ago a street in O’Fallon, MO (pop. 90,000) renamed a street to “Veterans Memorial Parkway.” The mayor later stated they received no complaints from residents or businesses.

  5. Then they gotta re-print all the maps … oh … hold it … Americans ain’t got no maps … well … re-program all the GPSs …

    Or maybe Richmond could just hire those “unwilling to work” to walk along the Boulevard wearing sandwich signs that reads “Arthur Ashe Honorary Roadway” or something equally fitting? Cut unemployment and honor the man without all the headaches of actually doing anything!

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Idiots keep pushing for these absurd ideas hoping to make blacks feel better and they just don’t understand that blacks find this kind of thinking a handy tool to get more special privileges and will never admit it’s enough.

  7. I do hope someone has at least looked at Ashe’s high school yearbook before this is done.
    Not sayin” there is anything there, but that is usually the way these things go.


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