The ‘Coward of Broward’ Deputy Scot Peterson Gets $8k A Month From Pension

Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Scot Peterson currently receives over eight thousand dollars a month in pension despite his failure to act during February’s tragic school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

8 Comments on The ‘Coward of Broward’ Deputy Scot Peterson Gets $8k A Month From Pension

  1. Depending on the pension plan, it’s typically based on something like 3% (+/-) per year of service. So, 25 years at 3% means the employee retires at 75% of their salary (usually based on the last 5 or best 5 years). I’m guessing Broward has better than 3% and he was making close to $100,000/year recently. Great benefit if you can get it, my pension from a much smaller agency is less than half of that, but I only had 21 years.

  2. By the time he is through with law suits, that pension will evaporate into paying legal fees and settlements. He will need to make a few “will work for food” signs.

  3. RUFKM. Absolutely ridiculous. No wonder this countries major cities are broke. Or, man alive did I make the wrong choices. When I was growing up it was a sign of failure to work for the city or county. It meant you did not have what it takes to succeed on your own.

  4. Coward Dead Ted was stricken with brain cancer. Can we hope that Karma will work for us again?

  5. Why should anybody be pissed? His actual job was never to protect the lives of kids; it was to protect the numbers. It was to keep the federal money coming in.

    The libshits who hired him never gave a single thought as to how he might react to a situation where kids lives would be put a risk

    Take your focus off the coward and keep it on the people who hired a guy to protect kids and didn’t give a rat’s turd if he was completely inadequate for that job

  6. we can only hope he has 1,000 lawsuits to defend and ends up homeless on the streets to die from a flesh eating bacteria. This is the last person on earth who deserves that kind of money and it all should go to the families of those killed while he hid.

  7. Even with $8k/mo, I’m sure there will be enough continuing damage to his property to cost him a good chunk of that in never-ending repairs.


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