The Crunch Effect

Researchers are saying that the noise of our own eating may be a means we unconsciously use to assess how much we’ve consumed.


They say the louder the better but eating with the TV on may drown out the sound of your own eating, cancel out the “food sound salience” and lead to overeating.

The researchers weren’t specific whether it’s better to crunch raw vegetables or chips and other snack foods.


With crunching as a theme, here’s the 1971 Academy Award winning best animated short, The Crunch Bird



10 Comments on The Crunch Effect

  1. I don’t know why, but this makes sense.

    Although I wonder about overweight girls in hijab. That’s all you freaking hear, eating with that shit on, the sound of your own chewing.

  2. “…study coauthor Gina Mohr, an assistant professor of marketing at CSU.”

    The science is settled, then.

    “Ten weird powers that Professors of Marketing possess (number 7 will shock you!)

  3. I’m surprised they used the term ‘researchers’ instead of the tried and true MSM term ‘experts’.

  4. I disagree. I think it’s protein and fat that satisfy you more. A steak, grilled rare, marbled with fat. . . . uummmmm. . . . .very satisfying. . . . . a kosher all-beef Polish. . . . . . . Feed the veggies to the rabbit, then eat the rabbit.

  5. Don’t know how dafuq he did it, but my Dad (God Bless his soul) could crunch marshmallows.

    No shit.

    Didn’t want to be around him when he got hold of some buttermilk and stale cornbread …

    izlamo delenda est …

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