The Cultural Significance of TikTok

 Gen Z trolling culture is the backlash to Millennial outrage culture.

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  1. Yup, my youngest one is big on the TikTok. Just about anything I find berating the me culture, she’s already got covered. It’s getting to the point that we know, based upon our surroundings, what the other is going to say. Still not able to drive, she’s never going to subscribe to a victim worldview.

  2. Darn it, had to switch monitors and ordered a new one after punching the TOK out of this.
    Was this a good thing?
    No cares, new monitor on the way,,

  3. I guess I have to come here to learn about this stuff. My two sons were born in early ’84 and late ’85 (which puts them near the Gen-X / Millennial boundary) and they detest “Millennials,” regarding them as undisciplined, lazy, narcissistic babies. I guess my grand kids are Gen-Z and they already exhibit a preference for “thinking outside the box” and questioning everything. Maybe there’s hope for the Gen-Z’s.

  4. The book GENERATIONS by William Strauss and Neil Howe is very enlightening and explains the dynamics between dominant (baby boomer, millenial) and recessive (X and Z) generations in American culture. This post is a classic example.

  5. Excellent. Thank God for TikTok. You old folks better get a clue. There just may be hope for our nation thru Gen Z. Don’t doubt – God is in the details.


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