The currant (spelling intentional) president thinks America went to war with Iran

This is the shithead that claims he is a foreign policy wizard.

He also said that Covid19 has killed more people in the U.S. than all our wars in the 20th and 21st century combined.

That is not true.


“We lost 600,000 dead in America in about a year,” Biden said in North Carolina.

“That’s more than every life lost in World War I, World War II, the Vietnam War, Iraq, Iran, across the board — Afghanistan. More lives lost in a year than every major war in the 20th century and the 21st century.”

The US has not fought a major conflict in Iran, though tensions have been high for decades since the 1979 Islamic Revolution

“Somebody ask Biden when we had a war with Iran. I must’ve missed it,” wrote one Twitter user.


WWII – 405,399

WWI – 116,516

Vietnam – 58,209

Korean War – 36,516


And we haven’t even factored in the Middle East, nor did we even make the argument that the Covid19 numbers are grossly inflated to include people who dies WITH Covid, not FROM Covid.

Our currant president is an asshole.

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  1. We lost more like 4 million dead last year. Because 330 million Americans divided by 80 year average lifespan… Because life involves eventual death.
    You know, the thing!

  2. Our currant presidunce has a shriveled up brain like an old dried up raisin. He obviously heard it thru the grapevine.

  3. He’s a useless tool. A screen door on a submarine. A life long politician that I guess bitches about the things he never accomplished.

  4. Look on the bright side. No one has died of flue, cancer, heart failure or suicided.
    The democrat/chi-com plandemic has eliminated nearly every other cause of mortality.

  5. The last time we fought Iran, it was during Reagan. Operation Praying Mantis, April 18, 1988. We started at 0800, and had pretty much destroyed their Navy before lunchtime. I was there, and I am not Brian Williams.

  6. Humpty Biden sat on a wall, Humpty Biden had a great fall, all the deep state’s spokesmen and all the deep state’s men (he/she/they/it gender people/persons) couldn’t put joey back together again.

  7. Fartbox Joe is a disgrace and a laughingstock. The media covers for him and will continue until enough people show enough disgust and then they’ll turn on him like a pack of rabid rats only to try to save what little audience they have left.

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