The Current State Of Feminism Compilation 2018


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9 Comments on The Current State Of Feminism Compilation 2018

  1. “Justin Trudeau {Little Fidel} reminds me so much of Ronald Reagan’s son Ron Jr. Each appear to be both physically and mentally lost in a world somewhere between male and female. Both also demonstrate their displeasure with their lot in life by irritating all around them.
    Sorry you drew those cards but somebody had to be the sissy.

  2. Sigmund Freud wrote extensively on “Hysteria” as a psychiatric problem.
    He and Jung were convinced that ‘biology is destiny’.

    Personally I prefer Elastigirl over Trigglypuff.

  3. A back-hand across the mouth of bratty kids and uppity women was all that was needed not too long ago. Now look at this #shithole.


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