The Czech Trump Wins

I was told Trump was hated around the world. Countries seem to be looking for their own Trumps, fed up with idiotic, suicidal left-wing policy.


Prague (AFP) – With voters upset over traditional parties and orders from Brussels, billionaire populist Andrej Babis, dubbed the “Czech Trump”, clinched victory in the Czech Republic’s election on Saturday, while eurosceptics and an anti-Islam group backed by France’s National Front made strong gains.

State election officials citing results from 99.9 percent of polling stations said Babis’s anti-corruption and anti-euro ANO (Yes) movement won with 29.7 percent support (78 parliament seats) followed by the eurosceptic right-wing ODS party on 11.3 percent (25 seats). Turnout was at 60 percent.

Despite the country’s economic success, analysts say many Czechs who are heavily in debt or working long hours for low wages feel they have been left behind and are turning to populist, eurosceptic and far-right anti-EU parties to vent their ire.


You know what far right means? It means not left.

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  1. The Czechs know about the evils of hard communism and evidently they won’t be fooled by the “soft” version. Guns are available to most everyone. Prague is hands down the most beautiful city in Europe.

  2. Ohio Dan, You must have been golfing because the Irish I hear from are still spewing the old hate Trump cool aid. Wish he was more Presidential, wish he’d stop tweeting, wish he’d just shut up. He’s an nationalist. He only cares about America. He’s an xenophobe, racist, bully, and on and on. But I’m glad to hear you say he was liked by the people you met. MAGA

  3. We’re just back from a month in Prague. Czechs are strong people. Their Millenials are determinedly anti-Commie and highly resentful of EU mandates/ultimatums from Berlin via Brussels.

    Also very determinedly anti Muslim.

    Anti Putin. Anti EU. Anti Eurabia. And now they have a leader, as Hungary does in Orben.

    This is a great and welcome day.

  4. Let’s not forget Austria where they just elected Sebastian Kurz, Chancellor, another Trump-like politician. In Hungary their prez is waging war on Soros. Poland is steadfast against EU immigration policies. Even Germany, despite re-electing Merkel has seen an inexorable rightward creep in their elections. And of course, there’s Brexit. The pendulum is beginning to swing across Europe.

  5. Good for the Czechs! They deserve a government that puts its own country first, not the local franchise of a corrupt world mega-government.

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