The Daily Caller News Foundation Is Suing The University Of Delaware For Access To Joe Biden’s Senate Library

Daily Caller:

The Daily Caller News Foundation and Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit against the University of Delaware for access to all records from former Vice President Joe Biden’s Senate career that are housed in the university’s library, the DCNF and Judicial Watch announced Wednesday.

Judicial Watch filed the lawsuit in the Superior Court of Delaware on behalf of itself and the DCNF related to Freedom of Information Act requests both organizations submitted to the university on April 30. The requests also sought all agreements between the university and Biden concerning the storage of his Senate records, in addition to any logs or sign-in sheets recording any individuals who have visited the location where the records are stored. MORE

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  1. I am honestly on the fence on this. Should we have access to all of the history that public candidates regarding their educational history? No, we even have laws that back up that view (see FERPA). However, since Biden has already been an elected official, should that make all of his history public? Yes, we do have the right, IMHO, to what our elected officials have done.
    Yes, I do understand that there is a grey middle in there.
    I am not sure how to go with this. My views that I described above show an inconsistency and I do not know how to reconcile them. We should know as much as possible about a candidate before we vote for them. However, what if the law and our views disagree?
    Don’t go easy on me. Berate me as much as you want, but please give me reasons and not just hyperbole or offense. I am seriously in conflict on this one.

  2. @ RogerF….should we have known more of Barry O’Biden origins, college, university, adoption, father or non-father?….My answer is yes….You enter public service and you give up personal editing….

  3. @willysgoatgruff – I cannot disagree with that statement, but I can argue the point that prior to that, does he deserve the right to privacy? Yes, your argument does tilt me toward the open records, but I can still argue the legal point.
    Can we disregard with a legal right? Even if we disagree with the law itself? If so, does that not put us in the same boat as those who disagree with us?
    And I do thank you for your opinion.

  4. @Extirpates – does that extend to the DJT tax returns that have been judged outside open records in the last week? To play the devil’s advocate, if you deserve the right to see Joe Biden’s records, shouldn’t you also be able to see the President’s records (IRS)? Yes, I see that they aren’t an exact match, but what is the counter argument?
    I wrestle with the voices in my head every day. I hope that in the end, I am on the right side.

  5. the public’s ‘right to know’ is truly a ‘slippery slope’ … can anyone point out where in the Constitution it states the ‘right to know’?

    yes, all these persons have a ‘public life’… & we should judge them by their public acts. someone’s property holdings are a matter of public record (including legal chattel persons), property confiscations are published in the newspapers every week , so are birth, death, marriage, divorce, adoption, wills, etc. a matter of public record, & also published in public papers & postings

    have we have lost the ability to judge that certain ‘public’ figures choose to hid their information for whatever reason. why does one hide their college transcripts from public scrutiny? do we?… we must judge. why does one hide their tax returns from public scrutiny? do we? … we must judge

    the question is, what is private? … the government has established that health records should be private (until one becomes a republican office holder, then they are allowed to be ‘leaked’) … anyone heard of HIPPA? … betcha have. the IRS has also established that tax returns are private … & I quote, “the law protects your tax return information from disclosure to other parties by the Internal Revenue Service”

    … at least until ‘Brain Hemorrhage’ Roberts & his ‘gang of 5’ rule in just a few hours


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