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I’m thinking of starting a site called The Daily Idiot which catalogs, daily, the moronic statements made by the sluggish Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

This would be the first post.

When asked what the top 3 impeachable offenses the president has committed, after she said that there were “soooooo manyyyyyy,” she struggles to name 2.

This woman is tragically simpleminded.

A new nickname could be Alexandria Chauncio-Gardinez.

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  1. The emoluments clause, also called the foreign emoluments clause, is a provision of the U.S. Constitution (Article I, Section 9, Paragraph 8) that generally prohibits federal officeholders from receiving any gift, payment, or other thing of value from a foreign state or its rulers, officers, or representatives.

    Who in the hell has given Trump anything?

  2. My all-time favorite she-mao saying:

    “The nude is supposed to be like the bazooka”

    Don’t think for one minute that context makes it any better.

  3. @joe6pak: “Who in the hell has given Trump anything?”

    Putin gave him a soccer ball once. How we got over that is a miracle.
    I confess- I gave him my vote.
    And being the repeat offender that I am, I’m gonna do it again

  4. Start a site called ‘The Daily Idiot’?
    Might have some legal issues, metadata and all that.
    CNN is already taken.

  5. At first I thought she was saying immolation, and I thought she was threatening to set herself on fire if she didn’t get her way.

  6. “…no president can be too shiny.”

    well, that knocks ole ‘buff my ass and wax my balls’ robbie orourke out of the race, don’t it

  7. Imam u MBints,
    already in cargo containers to the US from china,,
    Early notice from my accountants, Dewy, Cheatim and Howe,,
    It’s a knock off.

  8. “I’m only ants” clause she’s referring to casts doubt on Trump’s ability as a rich person to empathize with the downtrodden therefore he must be inpeached is what she was saying.

  9. who in Democrat Marketing LLC decided that this level of stupidity will win more votes than it loses.

    I mean really. Democrat party in her district must be, well, i dont know…i dont have the words. Ignorant? Dense, Obtuse?

  10. She uses the phrase “I think” often, however one too many sniffs of the bar rag have rendered her brain unresponsive.

  11. That’s a great idea!

    Also, could readers sumbit their own (fake) Alex-isms?

    “Is food killed by climate change safe to eat?”

    “How will climate change affect the international date line?”

  12. In case anyone is wondering, she studied at Boston University and majored in International Relations and Economics to get this stupid. AOC is terminally bewildered by the things she knows should be facts. She possesses a remarkable smattering of ignorance, and a talent for explaining complex problems with the assurance of a barista without a clue. We love to watch Alexandria Chauncio-Gardinez display her depth of stupidity. What a gift to IOTW!

  13. “cucked by Soros”?
    You mean CBS?
    Both of you, @Thirdtwin and @Charlie WalksonWater?
    yep, nailed it!

  14. Yeah, sure, go after the trophy.
    With so many idiots out there, why would you limit your take?
    You should get a punt gun, go market hunting.
    Set a gill net, catch all the dumb ones.
    Build a hog trap, catch them before they breed.
    Hire Buffalo Bill and feed the hungry workers.
    “…with a nice chianti and some fava beans.” – Hannibal
    “That’s all I have to say about that.” – Forrest

  15. Interesting how she uses the royal “We” when asked about whether she would sign on to the resolution at 3:54. Could she be referring to her puppet handlers?

  16. What a hard hitting interview. A real “journalist” (ha ha) would have asked her to explain her answers.

    And who’s the guy in the baseball cap? he looked like a Bobble-Head doll on the dashboard of a Jeep going off-roading.

  17. Soooooooo much material with a woman who’z a walking three-ring circus of Stupid with a brain the size of a pea operating a mouth the size of a Jackfruit! When God wuz handing out brains, she grabbed a handful of sand and ran like Hell!

  18. “Democrat party in her district must be, well, i dont know…i dont have the words. Ignorant? Dense, Obtuse?”

    I’m thinking…responsible, culpable, liable, punishable, and worthy of incarceration, sterilization, or exile. A bunch of them got up one morning snd said, hey, let’s vote for the ignorant bar tender to represent us.

  19. I was going to say the same as Irony Curtain! So much material you may have to choose which dumb things to include.

  20. Emoluments, yeah, emoluments. I mean, there’s jus sooooo many things, like, the citizenship q on the census, the tax cut bill…..

    But I think emoluments, because we’re investigating the fact that Trump gets those little body lotion samples he puts in all his hotels and puts his own name on them. So yeah, we’re going to start with emoluments.

  21. An “Occasional-Cortex of the Day” meme should suffice. You can have a “catch-up” edition on the weekend, containing 6 or 7 extras. 😆

  22. Nanny Pelosi said the people of AOC’s District would vote for a Glass of Water if (D) followed afterwards. Yowwzers walk away, people in AOC’s District….you’re never going to catch a break in the current Democratic Party.


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