The Daily Mail Actually Prints an Amazing Headline

Death of a dynasty that was rotten to its core: After 40 years of sex, lies and scandals, the Clintons are to leave public life beset by a crushing humiliation.


That’s a great headline.

But we still have a Clinton to worry about —> Chelsea. This spawn of the beast has political ambitions. I give it 2 years, then we’ll hear about some run in New York.


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  1. I would rather chew broken glass.
    I can hear it now………
    “Vote for me.., vagina!”
    “Vote for me, because of my moms legacy…”
    “Vote for me, Presidential genes run in my family….”
    I swear.
    If this country reverts back to embracing the Clinton dynasty in 4-8 years, Believe ME! I WILL move to another country.

    …Just, not Canada.

  2. If I lived anywhere near the gentleman¹ who wrote that headline, I swear he would would have a pint on me every time he went to his pub.

    1. Or lady, of course, but that headline reads like a man’s writing to me. Blunter or something I can’t put my finger on.

  3. I expect we will be seeing more articles like this as Cankles’s influence wanes before her indictment, trial and execution.

    Cough while you can, you treacherous hag.

  4. Two dynasties, Bushes got crushed in GOP primaries

    Bushes will be back, Clinton’s only have Chelsea who has her mom’s acidic personality and Webb Hubbell’s looks

  5. Yeah, Jarhead. urrraaahhhha. Greatest men in the world, next to the Army. Happy birthday maggots, and the girls too.

  6. I believe Chelsea is implicated in the wikileaks emails. Put AG Gulliani on the case; he knows how to stop organized crime.

  7. Whatsoever you mean “run” in New York? It will be handed to her on a silver platter. The only reason people will go to the polls is to make it look official.

    At least she really DOES live in New York.

  8. The article is just the tip of the iceberg and doesn’t even go into all the thefts, lies, the worst part of Whitewater… taking property back after one default. I hope they are humiliated. And they took a lot of ‘donations’ in advance of her presidency…someone or a government might just want that money back. Would be a shame if they went the way of Vince Foster.

  9. There’s a move afoot to force the Electoral College to dump Trump
    and give the presidency to the lunatic Killary. I guess it ain’t over ’till December 19th.

  10. Remember the guy the #NeverTrump shits were proposing as an alternative R candidate? Me neither, but I do remember they had someone.

    Subverting the college of electors is a bit less likely than that guy getting elected.

  11. Most former associates of Hillary absolutely hate her guts after the way they were treated. Once they know Hillary is no longer in a position to kill them, they’ll start telling what they know. And they know a lot. Hillary is about to crumble. And her stench will be all over Webb Hubbell’s daughter.

  12. Chelsea’s biological father will eventually be revealed.
    That will be the final Clinton coffin nail.
    Bank on it. Right, Mr. Mezvinsky?

  13. Syvia – Mr. Mezvinsky?
    Why would he give a rat’s ass who the father is so long as he’s got the money.
    Hell, I’m not sure Chels even cares so long as she’s in the money too! It’s all any of them really care about. Remember, Hillary left her scruples, morals and honesty next to an ashtray of old, smoked roaches on top of her Saul Alinsky thesis and that copy of the Communist Manifesto beside the lava lamp on a filthy flower-power night stand and Bill never had any to begin with!

  14. Why are all describing Bushes OR Clintons?
    Didn’t they reveal themselves to be one big happy clan?

  15. That defeat picture with the purple vulva suit on hillary is a good one. Looks like they are both thinking about federal prison.

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