The Danger of ‘Bot Rot’

Patriot Retort: For some reason, Leftists on Twitter seem to think it’s the pinnacle of clever to accuse anyone who disagrees with them of being a Bot.

And if they really were just using it as an insult — though it isn’t clever — it would just be lame.

But sadly, for most of these geniuses, they really do believe that everybody who disagrees with them isn’t real.

And that’s about as clever as thinking an attacker can’t see you if you shut your eyes tightly enough.

I think of it as Bot Rot – eating away at their brains as they convince themselves that the only people on Twitter who are real are those in lock-step with their ideology.

Rather than accept that there are people in this country who do not vote the way they vote, Leftist instead lull themselves into a false sense of confidence by simply believing everybody who opposes their agenda must be a bot.

So they smugly preen over their so-called coming “Blue Wave” — confident that no real people on Twitter disagree with them.

They have as much bravado over their mythical bots as they did the polls that guaranteed Hillary Clinton would win in an electoral landslide.

Bot Rot blinds you to reality.

And when you don’t believe what’s right in front of your eyes, you are in for a great big disappointing surprise. READ MORE

11 Comments on The Danger of ‘Bot Rot’

  1. The more libtards delude themselves the better it is for us norms. Don’t clue them in to their cluelessness.

    Doppio latte soy sippers needn’t be advised that their safe spaces are in jeopardy.

    In the words of the very wise Elmer Fudd.

    Shhhh. Be vewy vewy quiet.

  2. At this very moment I’m wearing a Russian Bot shirt that I got from Mark Dice. Like my Liberalism Find A Cure shirt, I can tell when it cuts to the bone of an ardent leftist. They’re the people that look like I just pissed in their Wheaties as I walk by them.

  3. I thought “Bot Rot” was some kind of weird Russian android venereal disease,
    like Rotchyerkokoff’s Syndrome.


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