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The dangers of religion and other world-views

AgendaEurope: Just two days after the terrorist attacks in which Muslim suicide bombers killed 35 people in Brussels and severely injured hundreds more, and two days before 20 people – most of them women and children, and most of them Christians – were killed in Pakistan by a bomb blast for which the Taliban claim the authorship, the German weekly “Der Spiegel” has published a title page with the headline “The Misused Faith –  Dangerous Return of Religion”. The image on the title page is a strange potpourri:

der spiegel cover

One sees the black flags of IS somewhere in the background, but all the remaining religious symbols are Christian: a fist holding a crucifix, Vladimir Putin conversing with a Russian bishop, a woman holding a poster with the image of Christ, and Donald Trump (seriously!) holding a book that apparently is the Bible. One Islamic symbol and four Christian ones to illustrate the thesis that religions are spurring political fanaticism and therefore must be qualified as “dangerous”.

And as it appears from the choice of illustrations, Christianity must be four times more “dangerous” than Islam.  MORE

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  1. The crucifix is certainly, incontrovertibly, front and center.

    Now we know why Krautland is mired in shit and izlam …

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. “Der Speigel” is notoriously Leftist.
    Repeat after me, class:
    “Der Spiegel ist Scheiße!”

  3. Mr HOF,
    The average Hun citizens (serfs?) certainly get it. But it’s their overlords in the Gubberment and presstitutes in the media that are driving this train over the cliff. If it were just those two groups on the train, fine, let it go over. But unfortunately, everyone else are captive passengers as well.

  4. Mr. Woodman,
    Gee, it seems that the poor Kraut serfs get taken for a ride every couple dozen years, or so, don’t it?

    Maybe they should Wake the Fuck UP?

    1870 was not our fault! It was that mean Herr Bismarck!
    1914 was not our fault! It was that mean Kaiser!
    1933 was not our fault! It was that mean Weimar!
    1939 was not our fault! It was that mean National Socialism!

    Blah, blah, blah …

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Well ya, the crusaders and stuff yadda yadda and Christians in Spain yadda yadda! You know there is no difference in what the Muslims and Christians are doing besides 1000 or so years, right.

  6. Christianity IS 4 times as dangerous as Islam.
    Christians have a tendency to resist the state and authoritarianism.
    Islam is the totalitarian state deified.
    That is why the left is comfortable with Islam, they are blood brothers.

  7. I got it!
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    if Fur’s IT guy runs a debugger on any of the posts with an unwanted imbed, it stands right out.
    Also attempting to follow the imbed pointer causes a looping script that freezes the site. A problem most here have experienced.

  8. Sorry “at IOTW”
    Currently the script is grabbing any number, so if you type 10 rather than ten, it can get grabbed for an ad insertion

  9. “Submit or Die” is the real problem. You see a full-bore example of that in islam. There is no personal choice in islam — leaving islam is not permitted and will be met with a death fatwa.

    And you see the command to submit or die in a certain corrupt government whose founding documents guarantee the redress of grievances, but the request of which is often met with death or imprisonment.

    You don’t see the threat of death in real Christianity. Being a Christian is, after all, striving to be like Christ – to live by his examples. Christ did no harm to anyone, though he did defeat the devil.

  10. One more thing: islam is NOT a religion; it is a political ideology, a death cult. islam does not deserve to be listed among the world religions, it is the tool of the terror caliphate and it is here to kill you and me.

  11. Obviously the cover photo was a cover for the real purpose of the article, not an attack on the dangers of religion, but an attack on the (imagined) dangers of western religion.

    Even as an atheist I would never lump all religions together. Stripped of the supernatural wrapper it needed to be sold in the iron age, the philosophical basis of Christianity, is, in my opinion, unassailabley superior to islime. But then, I don’t crave an excuse for rape, murder, theft and piracy.

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