The Dangers of Secondhand Glitter

13 Comments on The Dangers of Secondhand Glitter

  1. So flippin true. I abhor that stuff.

    Had a friend who put glittery stars in her Christmas cards. I stopped sending her cards so she stopped sending me cards. Yes.

  2. The next person who sends me a card with the extra glitter bomb inserted into an already glittered card will receive a card containing a years worth of toenail clippings.

  3. Had a pal who used to put glitter in packages he sent.
    He thought it funny as hell.
    I started sending them back unopened

  4. The ultra fine powdery glitter is just horrible! I’m a crafter and I won’t even use it anymore. LOL! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had one speck stuck on my face, just below my eye. It just glows right into my eye.
    If you must use it inside cards, use confetti glitter. It’s a heavier texture and easy to vacuum up and doesn’t show on your face. Or your carpet, tables, pets, clothes, Xrays, dishes, hair, teeth…


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