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Blood Batteries: The dark side of Electric Vehicles

Are Electric Vehicles really clean? They run on dirty energy and blood of children as young as 6. Electric cars drive human rights abuse and child labour. China is one of the villains in this story. Are electric carmakers equally guilty too?

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  1. I like it: make them live by their own rules.

    Add to this “Unsafe at any speed” to discuss spontaneous and uncontainable fires.

    Throw in a collision expose’s, you won’t need overfilled gas tanks and a model rockey engine igniter for these…

  2. …another fun take on batteries…

    …and how much fun it is to put the fire out.

    …notice that you have to use a month’s worth of water to put it out and KEEP it out. Note too that a regular pumper carries enough water to put out a REGULAR car fire all by itself, but you need a tanker shuttle to put out a battery fire.

    In just ONE battery car. Highways not being noted for fire hydrant availability.

    Imagine if its several.

    All that water wasted. Must be fun in CA or in desert states. Its pretty contaminated once you pass it thru the underside of a burning car too. Yum.

    So great idea, guys. I’m sure every small town FD has the infrastructure ready for this.


  3. If you retarded misogynists had let them be aborted, you wouldn’t have this to whine about.

  4. She didn’t mention the ore refining issues. Depending on the ore, elements such as arsenic, sulfides, nickel, etc. are present. Ores are also leeched with sulfuric acid. This is an ugly process.

    But hey, the EV nutjobs drive their smugmobiles while feeling so superior for their effort to stop Gorebal Warming.

  5. I’ve been calling them “Conflict Batteries” for years. Guess I’m NOT a persuasive influencer.

  6. If they’re really serious about alternative fuel vehicles they need to pursue hydrogen power cells. Gets rid of all the battery problems, but right now there is NO distribution infrastructure in place.

  7. So you think the virtue signaling libocommie democRATS would give a shit about THOSE kids when they wouldn’t bat an eye at killing a new born Human? FUKTHEDEMOCRATS! And if their EV burns, I hope they are trapped in it at the time!

  8. Next time try english so we all can understand. Like you feel sorry for chinese children, who’s parents gave the world the virus. You feel sorry for those children? Like hell you do.

  9. Gerry – I have an excellent command of the English language but I apparently don’t speak Gerry.

    Are you criticizing the Indian reporter who is reporting on an Indian YouTube channel and speaks English with an accent? I think the sympathy is directed at the poverty stricken Congolese children who are risking life and health to earn a dollar a day while the evil Chinese are profiteering and the evil auto manufacturers are turning a blind eye and the idiot virtue signaling EV drivers are either clueless or complicit.

    But that’s just me. YMMV

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