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The Day God Missed

I was told this wasn’t possible. But here’s the proof.

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  1. She began barking like a dog and probably ruined some carpeting on the set.
    Tell me God doesn’t drop a hint now and then.

  2. “Did you ever have an extramarital affair?”
    “That allegation is false.”
    NOT: “No, I did not.” He evades an answer by commenting on the claim.

    F’ing lawyers.

  3. God doesn’t miss.
    He was giving them a chance at redemption.

    They consciously took the wrong lesson: God missed.
    They enforced their own nihilistic prejudices by refusing to accept the obvious.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. God works in mysterious ways….. and

    Though the mills of God grind slowly; Yet they grind exceeding small;
    Though with patience He stands waiting, With exactness grinds He all. — Longfellow

    Both are True.

  5. One can only imagine the private messages He sent to Hillary between that set-crash and 9/11/16. The concussion of 2012 comes to mind. She is destined for even greater indignities before her time on earth is done, because she refuses to heed the truth.

  6. I’m surprised: Bill grabs her to pull away, but someone else has her when they cameras are focused on the hunched backs. I’m surprised he didn’t push off on her.

  7. Note to self: Don’t GUFFAW at the same time you are trying to brain someone with a light stand. –God.

  8. She’s off the tracks now. What will she be like when she learns the DNC doesn’t want her for presidential candidate in 2020?

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