The Day MIT Hacked the Harvard/Yale Football Game

If this happened today they’d be in a LOT of trouble, thanks to Muslim terrorists.


As soon as the device was spotted it would be assumed this was a bomb set to go off in praise of Allah by dirty, filthy, ignorant savages and good people would be trampled in the “orderly evacuation.”

In 1982 we weren’t feeling the daily effects of forced multiculturalism, or the progressive mantra that “diversity is our strength.”  A weird device would be just that, a benign weird device that the people encircled and looked at quizzically.

Sorry that I politicized this video, but it’s difficult to not underscore that these were simpler times, happier times. It was Reagan Country, and these guys had no fear that their prank would be the end of their academic aspirations, and effectively be ruined forever, by triggering people into a panic.

Newscasters reported the story as if the guys were smart, devilish imps.

Now the anchor people would be solemn-faced scolds. “White privilege” would be blamed. “Toxic masculinity” would be thrown about. And “Islamophobia” would have been the cause of the panic, even though authorities would instantly go into a rehearsed code-red lockdown scenario because of the “irrational fear” of Muslim terror.

ht/ jerry manderin

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  1. I think I read that this happened on the same day as the Cal / Stanford game that ended so crazily. I guess you need to give those brainiacs more homework or they just start trouble.

  2. Heh. I was working at MIT when this occurred; LOLZ all around. This is a tradition at MIT; not just effing with the “Community College down the road,” but on-campus as well…usually during the commencement exercises. Examples include: flock of sheep on the roof; plastic life sized cows ‘borrowed’ from the Hilltop Steakhouse on the roof; MIT Police cruiser on top of the dome at 77 Mass Ave. Too, there is the annual “pumpkin drop” from the top of the Earth Science Building (#54). There used to be the sodium drop off the Longfellow Bridge…got out of hand one year so that was the end of that.

  3. “Dave Bowman” is the device consultant.

    Nice 2001 reference and a nice smirk as the wiz kids pull another one over the announcer.


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