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The Dem Debate Was A Total Joke

Missed the arguefest that was last night’s democrat debate? No fear, Mark Dice has the review of the mess that was a panderiffic verbal fisticuffs among a group of mostly old white people in South Carolina. Watch

13 Comments on The Dem Debate Was A Total Joke

  1. I did myself the favor of not watching the clown show.

  2. The arm flapping. Good gravy, that’s so annoying.
    I’m glad the leftmedia noticed all the pandering, for a change. lol

  3. Whutta demonstration of executive skillz…

    We’ve already had eight years of an absolute Shit Show in the White House.
    We certainly don’t need THAT anymore, especially when we finally have competent, successful leadership working for us!!

  4. If any black votes for Joe after watching his BS last night, they have NO self-respect.

    PsychoJoe alternated between grovelling for their support and bragging that he’d win because he’s got them in the bag.

  5. MJA,
    The gesticulation was copied from an Austrian paper hanger IIRC

  6. Best description of the day!

    When asked her opinion about the slugfest that occurred during last night’s debate, Tomi Lauren responded:
    “…like the cafeteria at the nursing home had just run out of jello.”

  7. Like I’d feel safe at night knowing any of those morons had access to Nuclear Launch Codes.

  8. I couldn’t watch the debate.
    It was so bright white, I couldn’t see it with out my sunglasses and I left them in the truck.

    not much of that vaunted diversity we are always hearing about from that crowd.

    did the view comment on the white old boomers?

    I don’t know what to think until behar and whoopie tell me and the audience applauds them.

  9. They debated DURING Mardi Gras?!?!? 😮

    Did the cameramen even watch? 😳

  10. The best descriptor involves two words, the first one is Cluster.

  11. Cut all their mikes…..

    Senator Sanders this question is for you….(his mike turns on)….done (off)….etc…..

  12. Pity the poor fool who has to clean the spittle off Bernie’s lecturn.


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