The Democrat Party’s Voter Intimidation Drive

Patriot Retort:

Along with trotting out celebrities and celebrity wannabe Michelle Obama to head up voter registration drives, the Democrat Party has also launched a voter intimidation drive.

You see, “Get Out the Vote” is a one-way street for the Democrat Party.

They want to register as many people as possible – provided those people plan to vote Democrat.

But at the same time, they want to do everything they can to prevent non-Democrats for voting in November.

For a party that clutches its pearls and claims voter intimidation over Voter ID Laws, the Democrat Party is totally cool with voter intimidation. Provided the right people are being intimidated.

Enter Antifa and every Soros-funded Leftwing group operating in the US.

It is their job to bully, harass and threaten every American who would have the temerity to support a candidate without a “D” after his name.

These Democrat shock troops are there to make sure you’re too scared to vote.

This is why Democrats in Congress won’t condemn the threats, harassment and violence directed at non-Democrats.

And this is why the media plays down the idea that Leftist groups are a violent mob.

The violence and threats benefit them.


10 Comments on The Democrat Party’s Voter Intimidation Drive

  1. Came back to my Home state of Maryland after 12 years being away. Good thing I had my old Drivers License. Took hours to get re-instated. During which personally witnessed others (non-US citizens) not getting a Valid Drivers License , however cleared with Voter Registration cards. The DMV takes hours to confirm a state issued 12 year old license, yet can give a voter registration to a non-US citizen in minutes.

  2. Illegal aliens are the Democratic Party’s lease on life. Without 3.5 million of them voting, they’re toast.

  3. @ Snorky,
    I will never return….. Phook ’em.

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  4. Hey, Retort-
    What’s your point?

    Sounds like you sell this as a “new normal” neoBolshevik uprising and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

    Stand up and do something other than whine. Like what, you say?

    When someone has to tell you that, you are part of the problem.

    Wake up, Grow up!


  5. Crackerbaby nods and I understand sincerely ! Only came back for family, nieces and nephews, respect for the past family. Shame politicians discourage that. Weird Maryland at least threw out Biden, yet Delaware embrace him even tough he found Barack not ‘smelly’ ? The humor in that of itself to become the Vice-president says it’ all.

  6. Well, that’s all they got left since they have no plans except ones people will openly reject if they were ever honest about them. The main problem for the Left is the 2A and conservatives willing to exercise it. If they ever got that out of the way…and that’s why we have to remain ever vigilant, ever ready, always voting.

  7. Problem begins with the 1st Amendment with these people.

    Bigfurhat And MJA, you have my permission to publish the picture of the signs I conceived, designed and dipped into my own pocket to print. I put them up and the Bolsheviks tear them down within a few days, which means I’m over the target.

    I am terrorizing them with the truth.

    I learned a lot about fascism and totalitarianism with my little experiment. This is just another example of evil.

  8. The day of the thugs attacking someone who carries, is on the cusp.

    The moral peace lovers will take just so much, then, Wham! The bullies pull a Pearl Harbor and stir the hornets’ nest of, the ‘Sick-and-tired-of-it’ righteous.


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