The Democrats’ Cognitive Disorder

American Thinker

By Clarice Feldman:

I do not trust emotional reactions to events. In my experience, visceral reactions are a poor guide to action, and when I recognize that I’m responding emotionally to events, I step back and consider what facts are better brought to bear on the issue than are my immediate feelings. In fact, I’m not alone in thinking emotional reasoning is a kind of cognitive disorder.

Watching the impeachment theater (or rather reading about it to save time and avoid being influenced by the hypnotic effect of television) I’ve concluded that the congressional Democrats and their base live in a postfactual “inner child” world  of fact-free enthusiasms and conniption fits. In their world, a Republican president they cannot manipulate to their will must be impeached and removed from office. That a Republican president must be stripped of his clear constitutional right to shape foreign policy instead of Democratic plants in the Civil Service. That words are not entitled to their clear and normal meanings but can be restated fraudulently to fit the removal goal. That Congress, not the President, can determine what constitutes executive privilege. That witnesses with no direct knowledge can impute whatever meaning they choose into the events and such hearsay and mind readings must be credited. That the House that decides whether to institute impeachment proceedings can, claiming urgency, speed through them in secret, deny the president the right to a defense and can keep hidden from him and his defenders evidence which totally exculpates him. That having expedited a star chamber proceeding, the Democratic House can then demand the right to drag out the process in the Senate under rules they, not the Senate, set. In sum, that none of the long-established guides to evidence and fairness and constitutional protections should be followed when Democrats have a multiyear temper tantrum because they lost status and power. read more

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  1. There is not much stopping them from simply proposing another article of impeachment, and submitting it to the Senate tomorrow, and on and on.

    Secede, and watch them implode, like Paris, and London, and Venezuela.

    Build a wall, raise the drawbridge!

  2. democRATz have to run on emotions, cuz if they ran on facts they’d be out of business!
    And that’s a fact, Jack!

  3. The demorats have been scrambling around in total disarray like a stirred ants nest since the election. Their usual sleazy tactics aren’t working and their frustration has reached a boil all because of a man who not only stands up to them but fires back.
    This has been perfect payback for enduring the 8 years of the marginally literate Obama who they touted as a genius.
    I hope they’re spending every single day suffering as we did.

  4. if we think barr will indict any of these charlatans I have a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell

    only the people can bring these people to justice

  5. The operative insight is “inner child”. Marxists never develop past a 5 year old state emotionally. It is this permanent state of reflexive immaturity that makes statism so appealing.

    In Cloud Cuckooland you never need progress past five because the nanny state will shelter and protect you from the evil mean bad bad world as your perpetual mommy and daddy.

    It’s this permanent emotional infantilism that explains their innate inability to accept reality, morality, or logic. The need to be succored through life in a protected safe space where your preconceived notions are never challenged is why they can never tolerate cognitive dissonance. They will never have the maturity to accept either challenge or adversity,

    That is why they will lose the coming civil war. It is child’s play to defeat a child.

  6. They may have an “inner child” and all that, but their aims are anything but childish – and – AND – they make great soldiers – don’t discount the National Socialist Military Machine or the Soviet Army or the Chinese Peoples Army. Since they insist on being told what to do, when to do it, and against whom, they will gladly and proudly murder the proles (that’s us) by the millions (hopefully disarmed, but not necessarily).

    Seen it before and we’ll see it again.

    They are destroying the Republic. They have impeached a President simply because “they want to.” They, not surprisingly considering the past, expect all opposition to roll over and play dead when they snap their fingers. The totalitarian/media/academia axis is a powerful confluence of disintegrating forces and the necessity of maintaining a pretense of patriotic fervor is obvious in their screeds and lies about the Constitution (which, apparently, they’ve never read) though less in actual practice. Their abandonment of any and all principles regarding the impeachment process exposes the dearth of anything that can even remotely be claimed as “evidence.”

    Mad dogs are dangerous – and should not be confused with willful puppies.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. And like any bad-natured teenager — who wants what they want when they want it with no demand that they grow up and take responsibility — eventually we will be forced to kick them out if we expect to have any peace, or regain any control over our own house.

  8. Probably the scariest phrase ever to leave the lips of a politician is that “we can’t wait around and do nothing”. Usually followed by “for the children” or preceded by “I support the Bill of Rights, but…”

  9. Round up all democraps, and let them colonize Mars.

    For the first 100 years, nothing will change.

    After that, they’ll start running out of dirt… 😳

  10. “Cognitive disorder” – – Isn’t that the definition of being a democrat? The only ones that are honest and don’t have “cognitive disorder” are outright communists and they’re just plain EVIL.


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