The Democrats’ Nomination Contest Promises Great Fun for Conservatives

American Thinker: This may be the election cycle where we watch identity politics destroy itself live on stage. It’ll be the greatest show on earth.

With multiple declared candidates, the 2020 election season is now underway. And there couldn’t be more hype for the forthcoming Democratic primaries, which will feature candidates with plenty of flaws trying desperately to prove their woke credentials.

Orville Redenbacher better start paying his employees overtime because our nation is about to experience an unprecedented demand for popcorn. And it’s not because Super Bowl LIII is just around the corner. Something far more entertaining and brutal than adult men crashing into each other at full-running speed during a kickoff is approaching.

I’m referring to the upcoming Democratic Party primaries that will determine who will be President Trump’s electoral opponent. The political contest promises to be the biggest television spectacle since the first season of “Survivor.” And, if Providence is pleased enough, the competition should prove to be more cutthroat than Brutus and Mark Antony fighting for control of Rome after Caesar’s death.

If the Republican primaries that gave us Trump are any indication, we shouldn’t expect a congenial discussion among Democrats on the proper marginal tax rate for those who make between $257,000 and $342,000 a year. We should expect bitter conflict, edge-of-your-seat drama, and a bottomless supply of subtle insinuations of incompetence, all driven by the liberal obsession with racial and sexual identity.  more here

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  1. Don’t bother with debates, I say let them duel for it. With swords. Then somebody might get their head cut off for real. Pelosi or no Pelosi.

  2. MJA, Did you choose the pic for the resemblance to Occasional Cotrex, even though the jackass looks much more innocent?

  3. The last democratic primary was a completely fake show as they had already decided the winner before it even started.

    The spent half a billion dollars for NOTHING.

    Why would you think this primary will be real?

  4. MJA,
    I would certainly like to see that and see it go viral. LOL

    Yes, it is the eyes and long face. If you can open the mouth with toothiness showing, it would also be terrific.
    Otherwise, the lipstick and hair would be great.

  5. I wish I could see the humor in these leftard clowns but the problem is that they even got elected in the first place. I see the current plague, since the loss of the House, starting to steamroll if considering current events.

  6. We laugh at these clowns at our peril. I remember thinking and talking to people about what a joke Barack Obama was. Yes, he turned out to be the worst president in our country’s history, but as he famously said, “At least I am president”. Any one of the expected candidates could win. All they have to do is flip two or three of the Midwestern states that Trump won and they are in. They figured out the voter fraud in the midterms, they will use it to guarantee a win in 2020. I hate to be the downer, but we are screwed. I cannot even stand the thought of hearing President Kamala Harris or President Corey Booker, but I’m afraid that is what we are looking at.

  7. nco77 – That’s true, but this go around, even a lot of the old school dems are pissed off at the blatant pro-socialist shit. The Repulicans were the only ones being called white and racist, now, some of the dems are getting treated to the same by the prog/socialist wing of their party.

    Vote fraud is a different story all-together. That won’t stop until the blue-dogs in Red states start biting the commies in the ass over it. Those people are openly told that the young commies are out to get them in every way possible. Including voter fraud.

  8. A shame AOC isn’t quite old enough to run yet.

    Of course if they really want her to, they do have quite a bit of experience at finding a birth certificate that says what they want it to say.

  9. Also, the dems don’t get to pick who the republican candidate will be (the sorriest POS they could dig up from under a rock), like they did before Pres. Trump and like they tried to do in our last election before Trump jumped in.

  10. Make sure to remind AOC {the village idiot} to be sure and bring her crayons in case she needs to take notes.

  11. @MJA – It’s too obvious a pun not to have already been used by many, but I’m confident only YOU can put the perfect image to the meme caption:


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