The Democrats’ Phony ‘War on Women’ Has Come Home to Roost

Mike LaChance, writer for Legal Insurrection and editor of American Lookout, has a great piece at Townhall. It fits right in with the post we just put up about illogical liberal logic.

The left’s playbook has been to paint the right as anti-woman. Meanwhile, the left have been verbally attacking and physically assaulting right-wing women at a brisk pace.

I guess right-wing women aren’t women.

Read HERE.

4 Comments on The Democrats’ Phony ‘War on Women’ Has Come Home to Roost

  1. I’m good to go with the left. Anytime, any where. Someone starts beating our women I won’t be the only one. Anybody ever mistreats my wife, hell will seem like a picnic. I’m not hardly joking.

  2. Real men are tough and serious about defending their families. It’s what being a man is all about, or used to be.

    We gotta make it that way again. The essense of war is to protect what we love, and families come first. Men have to take on this role and stop being weenies, which is what the media and entertainment industries want us to be.

    The liberals think all the bad in the world comes from men. No, the bad comes from evil ideas and evil people.

  3. The Left’s Leaders not only put down men, but Secretly consider Average Women to be Breeders and therefore not real Women. Take Hillary (Pls) Women are Either Working for Her, or they are Competition not her Friends.

  4. I’m with Brad. My bride is in a administrators position. She oversees 500+ employees. She is armed 24/7 and if endangered will simply shoot as she has done before. The perp would be lucky to deal with her as I would go full apache on his ass. He may get shot by her and survive but he would never survive my retributions.


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