“The Dems Are Back” – IOTW Report

“The Dems Are Back”

The leadership of the democrat party is so old and corrupt that even SNL took to mocking them last night.


7 Comments on “The Dems Are Back”

  1. I imagine they all want to overthrow the leadership so the socialist can take over the party.

    When that happens they should be forced to re-label the party as Socialist.

  2. My Democrats are back and you’re gonna be in trouble
    (Hey-la-day-la my Dems are back)
    You see them tryin’ just to get out of their bubble
    (Hey-la-day-la my Dems are back)
    You been spreading lies that theyre a geriatric crew
    (Hey-la-day-la my Dems are back)
    But with their meds and Depends, they’ll be comin’ after you…

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