The Dem’s Exception: Conservative Women

Howie Carr Show: The Democrats have a lot of double standards. In fact, one of the Captain’s favorite expressions regarding the moon bats on the left side of the aisle is, “If it weren’t for double standards, the Democrats would have no standards at all.”

But this morning while watching Joe Scarborough– Wait, let me rephrase that. This morning while watching a clip online of Joe Scarborough, (can’t have you thinking I’m an actual viewer of Morning Joe), I couldn’t help but think of one double standard that really grinds my gears.

So here it is…

Attacking women for their looks or weight is off limits unless (and only unless) said women are politically conservative.


When liberal women are even remotely criticized or made sport of, you better call Maura Healey. We need the hate
crime police STAT. (And maybe some therapy dogs depending on the severity of the insults).

A few examples?

Remember when Bill O’Reilly made the mistake of saying that Maxine Waters looked like she was wearing a “James Brown wig.”

The response from the mainstream media? A unanimous HOW DARE HE! To mock a woman (not to mention an African American woman) for her physical appearance, barbaric. Disregard the fact that it is definitely an uncanny resemblance between the two hairdos.

That isn’t the point. The point is that it was MEAN, CRUEL and UNACCEPTABLE.

And then there is the example of Madame President Hillary Clinton.  A lot MORE

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  1. Look at the way Mika, Micka, Meki, Maki,/ Joe’s Boy friend clasps that cup with both hands with that far away look in here eyes. “I wish Joe were this big”. Break for a commercial.


    The Conservatives have to get past the nervous tic of looking over their shoulder to see if the liberals approve. THEY DON’T. The liberals attack whatever Republican target they want to. Women, children, disable, black, gay, over-weight, -their rules don’t apply to themselves.

    Just have a Rolodex of excuses ready to throw in their face.

    If __________did it / said it, and you were Ok with it, then it’s Ok for me. Treat me like a democrat.

    That’s the secret of Trump. He doesn’t care, and moves right along.

    Alinsky: Make them live by their own rules.

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