The Dems’ Newest Dance Craze Has Only One Move

White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki has been showing off her signature dance move week after excruciating week and now there’s a song dedicated to it. Watch

16 Comments on The Dems’ Newest Dance Craze Has Only One Move

  1. The video makes her look better than she actually is. The only reason she was given the job is because she held still while Dementia Joe sniffed her.

  2. Mitch and a bunch of loser RINO’s are sweating now.
    Trump will become stronger and his followers are loyal to him, not the RNC.
    I believe Trump did win close to 100 million votes.

    Between Psaki being just plain unprepared and Biden being senile it is going to be fun as America wakes up to what has really happened.

  3. This woman’s dumber than a box of rocks. Sharp as a marble. Slightly dumber she would require watering. You know, a libtard zombie.

  4. Has any reporter dared ask her if she has found the answer to any questions she said she had to circle back on? Yeah, didn’t think so. McEnany would NEVER have been allowed to get away with that kind of answer

  5. Courtney Booth:

    1. If it sounds too good to be true, then it is most likely is Too Good To Be True.

    2. If someone gets something for nothing, then someone or many someones got Nothing For Something (probably their hard earned money).

    Buzz off


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