The “Devout Catholic” Administration Doesn’t Know When Easter Was – IOTW Report

The “Devout Catholic” Administration Doesn’t Know When Easter Was

Jesus Christ…

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  1. She was probably thinking of the date when Easter was celebrated by the Orthodox Church.

    (It was the 2nd of May. She would have been TWO months off.)

  2. ‘drilling down’
    they’re fracking our country
    ‘that’s why the seasonsl numbers are a little funny’
    3 card malarkey

  3. Thirdtwin MAY 17, 2021 AT 1:52 PM
    “Maybe there’s a Black Easter of Black Jesus. I dunno…”

    …well, since there’s the whole made-up “Kwanzaa” thing complete with Swahili words that WEST AFRICAN SLAVES THAT WERE THE PUNTATIVE ANTECEDENTS OF AMERICAN BLACKS WOULD NOT HAVE USED, perhaps they DO have something for Black Jesus. You know, the one they had to kill White Jesus to get to, maybe the Easter is when Black Jesus murdered White Jesus so he could lead Black People ONLY to some sort of anti-White paradise where the Fentanyl is free and the women are all blondes.

    “The turn to blackness was an even deeper metanoa-experience than the turn to Jesus. It was spiritual, radically transforming my way of seeing the world and theology. Before I was born again into thinking black, I thought of theology as something remote from my history and culture, something that was primarily defined by Europeans whom I, at best, could only imitate. Blackness gave me new theological spectacles, which enables me to move beyond the limits of white theology and empowered my mind to think wild, heretical thoughts when evaluated by white academic values. Blackness opened my eyes to see African-American history and culture as one of the most insightful sources for knowing about God since the Bible was declared a canon. Blackness whetted my appetite for learning how to do theology with a black signature on it and thereby make it accountable to poor black people and not to the privileged white theological establishment (Cone 1999b, 251).”

    “He condemned the white, blond-haired, blue-eyed Jesus—the prominent icon in so many Christian churches and homes—to the auspices of hell with rhetoric that demanded that, “If God is white, kill God.”

    Instead, he aligned with the god of the Hebrew prophets and Jesus, and asserted that God and God in Christ are black insofar as they stand on the side of the oppressed, acting in history to liberate the suffering “by any means necessary.””

    …so, Happy Black Easter, I guess, but ONLY if you’re Black…perhaps that IS what she’s referencing, ya never know…

  4. I saw this last week and was wondering if IOTW would catch it.

    100% intercepted and returned for 6!

    (calendas, fakts, & Maff is rassis)!!!!

  5. Maybe it’s because of the BLS – (Big Lie Strategy) report. of course there are so many of them in the Biden administration I can see how it would get confusing.

  6. Corky
    MAY 17, 2021 AT 2:22 PM
    “Even if Easter was in March, I do not understand how that had anything to do with the economy?”

    …the logic of the trapped. Say an excuse with authority, and maybe someone will believe it.

    …my food plant had a microwave bowl idea that was very stupid and ultimately failed, but at the time we were doing this the business was still small enough that they could have shift wide meetings where the line managers gave everyone progress reports.

    When the bowl guys turn came, he admitted it wasn’t doing well, but the excuse he gave was “no body buys microwave bowls around Valentines day anyway”.

    …well, it WAS, but that didn’t make sense out of it. Biut everyone was so taken aback by it that they just let it pass and didn’t question it, with some people even saying “huh, that could be” or even “Yes, I heard that somewhere before”.

    Complete horse hockey, but people seem to accept it and even run with it if the guys voice is persuasive enough.

    …so yeah, probably something like that…

  7. @SNS

    EVEN IF…

    Easter up here usually accounts for massive overtime, extra hours and bigger sales numbers that easily offset the Monday that the feds and large businesses take Off. Extra food sales, flowers, cards, & an extra bottle of wine, etc.

    Like a mini thanksgiving…

  8. Better get my decorations and lights up. With this bunch in charge Christmas could show up anytime now.

  9. Biden and devout Catholic don’t belong together in the same sentence. There are probably rocks that are more devoutly religious than joey is, at least rocks can cry out about the glory of God, joey not so much.

  10. geoff the aardvark
    MAY 17, 2021 AT 5:46 PM
    “There are probably rocks that are more devoutly religious than joey is, at least rocks can cry out about the glory of God”


    “And he answered and said unto them, I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.”
    Luke 19:40

  11. Communists do not believe in God….so forgive them for they do not know what they speak of…(sarc)…

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