The Difference Between Water and Beer


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  1. What you get with a glass of chardonnay? Kenny G? Or maybe Enya. Or Yanni. Although some would say Laurel.

  2. An aged brandy will play Ode to Joy.

    The guy next door drinks Old Milwaukee and all you hear is a irritating sound of a jews harp.

  3. Willy – Sounds like someone’s making a good old boiled dinner. Haven’t had a decent helping of that tasty treat since Grandma left us. You got me tearing up man. I may try doing that myself.

  4. When all else fails listening to Irish and Celtic music always makes me happy. It even makes me want to get up and dance and I don’t dance worth beans. I have a corned beef I’m cooking for dinner tomorrow night. Happy St. Paddy’s Day everyone!

  5. C’mon by @ Different Tim….I got plenty and it’s just me and me dogs….and an 18 year old goat…..

  6. Just picked up the groceries today for my corned beef and cabbage dinner for family on Sunday.

    Oops, I just drooled!

  7. OK, this likely has nothing to do with the video (blocked by my stupid work firewall) but when I get home, I have an OSKAR BLUES BARREL AGED TEN FIDY
    19.2OZ CAN waiting for me (12.9%)! Read it and weep.

  8. I used to drink twelve beers (actually more most of the time) without a problem. I don’t think I could drink twelve waters. Think about it.

  9. The difference is that water is refreshing, but beer is both refreshing, intoxicating, and absolutely delicious. Ahhhh…

  10. One is a gift from God as proof that he loves us and wants us to be happy, and the other goes in coffee.
    Irish Whiskey, on the other hand is the Dew that give luster to the bloom.


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