The DNC prints the first bumper sticker for Michelle Obama

WaEx: The Democratic National Committee is feeding excited speculation that first lady Michelle Obama will follow Hillary Rodham Clinton from the East Wing to the Senate.


Image by The Slammer

Following on the heels of her well-received Democratic convention speech, the DNC has just printed up Obama bumper stickers and is offering them to supporters of Clinton for a $10 donation.   MORE


27 Comments on The DNC prints the first bumper sticker for Michelle Obama

  1. Way on down low lol

    And who puts thsir face on a bumper sticker? Ok, maybe Che would. But it’s a bad idea, nonetheless.

  2. And why is the “WHEN THEY GO LOW” part black, and the “WE GO HIGH” part white? Seems kinda rayciss, Mooch.

  3. Amazing how many people seem to “need” royalty. I guess at some point it served an evolutionary purpose, but it sure seems stupid now.

  4. Bumper sticker: “If you love football you will also love to vote to elect a 250-pound ex-linebacker to the Senate! Mad dog Mooch will pile drive the opposition”!

  5. That’s the “choom gang” motto.
    They went everywhere high.

    Or was it Bill Clinton’s motto: ?
    When she goes down, I get High.

  6. If the Obamas are staying in DC, that means one of the two White Shadow Senators, Paul Strauss or Mike Brown, is taking a fall for Mooch. Much more doable than an actual campaign in an actual state.

  7. I don’ unnerstan’. Someone pleas’ ‘splain it to me? Whaaaaa?

    Seriously? What in the name of Unholy ***** does that even mean? It’s not even a catchy talking point or catchphrase or slogan. Especially if you can trip up the person spouting that nonsense with a simple, “what does that mean?”

  8. Oh, oh. People placing that on their bumper better be sure to increase their insurance. I see lots of bumper ‘accidents’, in the future.

  9. Looks like Paul Krause dodged a bullet; He’s up for reelection this year. Mike Brown, on the other hand, is up in 2018. Watch for him to declare his retirement after this term.

  10. seriously….if this Country stoops that low…..there will be nothing left by then….the parasites will have picked all the meat off the carcass of all the providers and we WILL be the latest Communist banana republic by then……and I will be moving to some small island in the Pacific to not have to witness the final nail in the coffin of this once great country.

  11. My BIL voted for barry. Twice. He said it was time this country had a black President.
    (He also says that I am a racist because I did not vote for barry.)
    I assume he will be voting for Cankles because “it’s time this country had a woman President.”

    What a putz.

    Imagine his hardon if he gets the opportunity to vote for a black woman…

  12. When the citizens want something, 0bama always chooses the opposite.

    And he just lost the low-rider vote too.

  13. Doesn’t The President’s putative hometown, and future library site, have a full pay, no show, alderman opening?

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