The DoD now mandates a vaccine with a spike protein so dangerous that the DoD refused to fund it 4 years ago

Emerald Robinson: Major Murphy’s Warning to the DOD: The Vaccines Are Too Dangerous!

There are many bombshells everywhere you look in the recently released Project Veritas documents from DARPA — particularly in the report sent to the Department of Defense’s Inspector General written by DARPA fellow and Marine Corps Major Joseph Murphy.

Here’s the Project Veritas video, below, on these unearthed documents.

The first sentences of Murphy’s report contradict two years of deliberate misinformation peddled by the U.S. goverment to its own people: “SARS-CoV-2 is an American-created recombinant bat vaccine, or its precursor virus. It was created by an EcoHealth Alliance program at the Wuhan Lab of Virology…” This means that Fauci and the NIH have been deliberately lying to the American public for two years about everything related to COVID. more here

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  1. I would say something about the wheels coming off, but I’ve given up on any reaction from anyone. Half the country is in denial, and the other half is trying to cover their asses.

  2. aaaand, as the sun sets on another day of magnificent reporting by Project Veritas, nothing continues to happen. Despite the absolute proof of crimes ranging from lying to Congress to open treason, Fauci continues to draw the largest paycheck in the Federal government, the enemies of this nation continue to sit in the seats of power from which they direct its demise, their media minions continue to ensure the vast majority of Americans remain oblivious to these high crimes and misdemeanors, a pedophile remains firmly as the putative head of an increasingly repressive Communist dictatorship, Democrats continue to require our best troops and finest health care professionals to poison themselves or get out, the legislature continues to push for full one party rule, and more and worse diseases are wound up in the wings ready to be unleashed as required to keep Americans frightened and elections fraudulent, diseases that those same American people pay to have cultivated by the same people who infected them in the first place.

    Project Veritas has unveiled crime after crime with very strong evidence and well-documented facts that continues to be ignored by every bought and paid for Democrat prosecutor in the land. The only investigation that all of their Herculean work has ever inspired is an illegal raid on Project Veritas itself by a corrupt DOJ for daring to illuminate the unlawful practices of our own government.

    This truly is hope without resolution, just enough to allow us to continue to pretend that somehow, “The Process” will save us.

    It won’t.

    The fact that it’s all show and no go that only serves to create fantasies of some chimerical ‘justice’ that has been lnog absent from this land makes it porn.

    But as long as hope porn continues, Americans will continue to pretend they do not have to do their duty as our Founders laid out to save us from tyranny.

  3. ^^^ “wheels coming off”
    and then they’ll crawl on their bellies like the snakes that they are
    and they’ll call that evolution

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