DOJ’s suit against Georgia’s new voting laws is nothing but ludicrous lawfare


The suit is a patent attempt to achieve through lawfare what the Democrats were unable to do via legislation; namely, federalize voting laws across America and build into them easy ways to commit voter fraud. On close review, the suit is even more ridiculous than it first appeared. The allegations make clear that the law is above reproach. It’s just that the DOJ is darn sure that Georgia’s legislators had racist hate in their hearts.

Margot Cleveland, law professor and lawyer who worked for around twenty-five years in the Seventh Circuit, was the first to figure out how utterly ludicrous the complaint is. Based on the paragraphs she highlighted, it should instantly be dismissed at the pleading stage without ever really revving up the case.

The DOJ’s complaint against Georgia is surreal. 

So, basically, the DOJ is now litigating because legislators opposed to the legislation lost.

OMgosh….Maybe the guy who called the law Jim Crow 2.0 wasn’t invited for a reason???


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  1. The shit for brains pedo is just trying to throw a bone to the pack of slobbering Marxist hyenas that are always nipping at his heels.

    Especially now HR1 is a legislative corpse…

  2. I see the DOJ has deployed their Affirmative Action squad against Georgia. Let’s hope they don’t get an Affirmative Action Judge like Michael Flynn did, or this could go Third World very quickly.

  3. Distraction and deception by the DOJ to draw focus from the criminal activity documented on Hunter’s lap top and of the Biden Crime syndicate.
    There is no Justice in the DOJ, it’s DOSDP, Dept. of Socialist Democrat Politics.

  4. …the Government takes your tax money to pay TEAMS of lawyers to harass you no matter how weak the case, and gets Democrat judges to grant continuance after continuance if they have no case and don’t actually want it heard, because YOU have to pay YOUR lawyers to come EVERY. SINGLE. TIME., or you AUTOMATICALLY lose. You also have to leave work and go stand around a distant and inconvenient court house for hours to find that out, so you’re paying for travel and not getting paid EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. as well.

    And they can do it FOREVER. What’s inconvenient and expensive for YOU is a highly paid job for THEM, and since YOU are paying for BOTH sides, they WILL bankrupt you with sheer repeat appearances, even worse if they drag your FAMILY into it.

    Ask General Flynn how THAT works.

    And it’s a predetermined outcome anyway. Since they own the judges all the way up to whatever naked pictures they have in Roberts, they KNOW they will rule unfavorably against you EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

    …so ultimately, it doesn’t matter who’s “right”. Even with a State, they can get a Democrat judge to issue an injunction so the law can’t be enforced, and keep THAT crap going for YEARS while they steal MORE money from the taxpayers to CONTINUE to thwart their will.

    …they’ve stolen the soap box, rigged the ballot box, and denied standing or issued continuance to deny access to the jury box.

    …only one of Liberty’s boxes left to turn to…

  5. This farcical threat is an act of desperation. That wimpy little Atty Gen is making idle threats that are unenforcible because he and the drooling moron who appointed him are going to be out of jobs very soon!


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