“The Dollar Is Out Of Stock Everywhere”: Hong Kong Money Exchangers Turn Away Clients Amid Run On US Dollars


Even before protests over a controversial extradition bill sparked the tumultuous pro-democracy movement that swept across Hong Kong last year, the notion that the city’s freedoms were under threat, and that China would soon move to curtail them, had been gestating since the 2014 Umbrella Movement. Last Spring, before the movement began in earnest, Kyle Bass published a paper entitled “the Quiet Panic” about how Hong Kong was a ticking time bomb. A few months later, it exploded.

Over the past 16 months, expats haven’t been the only ones fleeing Hong Kong. Virtually everyone who can afford to move has at least considered the possibility of selling their once extremely valuable Hong Kong real estate and fleeing elsewhere, perhaps to New Zealand, or Australia, or Malaysia – or Taiwan, which is currently drawing up plans to welcome expats.

As we reported on Friday, as more prepare to move before China tightens its grip, Sing Tao, Hong Kong’s second-largest Chinese-language newspaper observed that Hong Kong residents have been exchanging more of their HKD holdings into foreign currencies at banks and money exchange counters on Thursday. more

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  1. How about riots in the streets to help Hong Kong?
    While we’re having a big piss fest with each other over BLM, Antifa, Corona, etc. you know what China is doing?
    In the past 10 days, China is looking to take back Taiwan, has taken over Hong Kong, started screwing with land at the India border, and claiming more islands in the south china sea.
    All this going on while we fight over blacks and cops.
    China’s taking over the world.
    It’s wonderful we can protest peacefully and figure out our own problems, but we need to wake up to China… NOW.
    Otherwise there’s not going to be much of a country left to protest about. Your grandkids are set to be schooled by China on American soil. THINK, people.

  2. They’re jumping off a sinking dingy onto a sinking boat.

    The fed is printing money like it’s confetti. It is only a matter of time before you wake up one day and there will be lines at every bank with people wanting their money so they can buy something with it that actually has real value.

    There will be no warning in the media. It will just happen. Very quickly. Overnight.

  3. ecp, hell, China along with george soros is probably funding this week of rioting. This fits well the plan to turn us upside down. We damn sure need to wake up and smell the coffee!

  4. Occasionally I accumulate a whole bunch of 1 dollar bills, but they ain’t necessarily for spendin’, but mostly fer lookin’ at…..

    h/t Chief Dan George in the Outlaw Josie Wales…sorta…


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