The Donald To Serve On Jury Duty

(UPI) — Donald Trump will take time out of his busy campaign schedule Monday to report for jury duty in Manhattan, his camp said.

Trump has been summoned to State Supreme Court and will appear after the weekend, Trump campaign Michael Cohen said Friday.

“Despite the time that Mr. Trump is required to fulfill this civic obligation, the campaign will continue to go on,”Cohen said. “He is happy to comply with his civic obligation.”

Trump, who has been a controversial candidate for the Republican nomination, will spend the weekend in the Midwest. In Iowa, he has pledged to give fair goers free rides in his private helicopter, the New York Times reported.

Trump has already paid a $250 fine this year for skipping jury duty in the past, Cohen said.

“Trump’s failure to appear for previous jury requests was the result of the unified court system’s error in the mailing address, and not Mr. Trump’s refusal to uphold his civic duty,” he said. “It is impossible to know if you are being asked to serve when the jury selection documents are sent to someone else’s home.”


5 Comments on The Donald To Serve On Jury Duty

  1. No sane person would put him on a jury and draw that kind of attention, and scrutiny, to their case. But then again, most lawyers don’t act like sane people.

  2. Jury duty. Right. I’m sure they already have a nice, years-long, drawn-out, complicated trial lined up for his “jury duty.”


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