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The dozen belated disclosures that turned the tide in Michael Flynn’s case

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What a difference three years makes.

During Thanksgiving 2017, retired three-star general Michael Flynn was somberly making plans to head to court and plead guilty to a charge of lying to the FBI during a late January 2017 interview, his reputation in tatters and his bank account drained.

A day before Thanksgiving this year, a jubilant Flynn took a phone call from President Trump to learn his conviction had been erased by a full pardon.

In between, a legal drama of epic proportions unfolded, one that exposed deep flaws with the FBI, the Justice Department and a news media industry that had been sold a story with many conflicting secrets.

The dramatic reversal of the Flynn case began with the determination of a new lawyer, Sidney Powell, who took over the former Trump national security advisor’s defense and relentlessly fought to unseal evidence of innocence the government had long tried to conceal.

Here are the 10 biggest (and belated) disclosures that Powell forced to light that turned the tide in a case that became a symbol of prosecutorial excesses during the Russia collusion case.

  1. Case Closure Memo. Weeks before the FBI sought to interview Flynn, the lead FBI agent who had investigated the retired general for five months wrote a memo to close the investigation on Jan. 4, 2017, concluding he had found “no derogatory” evidence that Flynn committed a crime or posed a national security threat. FBI management then ordered the closure to be rescinded and pivoted toward trying lure Flynn into an interview. 


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  1. May be a small thing but Bush not pardoning Scooter Libby was one of the douchiest things he ever did, unforgivable.

    Although I’m happy that Flynn FINALLY got his pardon, Trump waiting so long caused untold mental anguish on both Flynn and his family. It’s his frggin’ Justice Department, Trump allowed him to flap in the wind way too long.

    Once all this election stuff is over I really hope Flynn gets himself a real gunslinger lawyer and sues the holy shit out of all those FBI clowns. They won’t be able to hide under “qualified immunity” since they are civilians now. The government has the deepest pockets so go after the State Dept. as well, but all those guys from Comey down need to be held accountable.

    Much like Darren Wilson, his life, his reputation, his job prospects all gone because the court of public opinion wanted his head. Broke, shamed, unemployable, he needs to be made whole again. Maybe Trump can give him a job in his business empire.

  2. Judge Sullivan was never going to end the Flynn case hoping it would carry over to Biden’s administration. A real scumbag that one. Glad Flynn is pardoned.

  3. Flynn, with Powell as his new, deadly dangerous defense attorney didn’t want a pardon, he wanted full vindication. With the changing political times he gladly accepted the pardon. He knows where a lot of dirty Dem skeletons are buried and I bet President Trump just gave him a big crew of backhoes and investigators to start stacking them up for all to see.

  4. Brad, Mike Adams is good, a lot of verifiable info and a lot of speculation, but even that is good, especially interesting is that fire fight in Germany.

  5. Trump is clearing the deck on the good ship DoD. Hopefully to keep them from interfering with Flynn when he takes over the cyber security efforts.

  6. it appears a lot of back benchers will get special treatment too. There is soo much cool and grounded speculation going on. I hope someday this is all put in a book. If it were a movie it would have to take 5 sequels.


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