The Eagle Has Landed


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  1. Reminds me of the time I saw this one yahoo feeding seagulls at a rest area. By the time the dipshit stopped, there were a thousand seagulls and a hundred cars loaded with bird shit. People were honking at him to stop. It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen to be honest.

  2. SPLAT! And oh shit, why did I look up. I once had a seagull hit me right on the bill of my cap with a flying white goopy turd while riding my bike thru a park, fortunately I had that cap on. In boot camp our drill instructor got a big one dropped by a seagull on the front of his cap while we were being inspected on the grinder. Do you know hard it is to stifle a laugh without getting caught when that happened? There’s a good reason that they’re called shit gulls.

  3. Hey it could’ve been worse if he’d had his mouth wide open when that eagle dropped a shit bomb on him. It’s too bad it wasn’t barry or any other democrap running for President next year.

  4. “Birdie, birdie, in the sky
    Look what you did
    In my eye.
    Gee, I’m glad
    That cows can’t fly.”
    (childhood rhyme)

    Mr. Comey will suffer less harm than having a bird shit on him.
    The Press will carry his umbrella, and the Party, the shotguns.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. A little OT, but for all you bald eagle lovers out there, this is a live stream of one of the nests in the Pittsburgh area. There’s one hatchling in the nest, as well as two more unhatched eggs. There’s a hunk of red meat on the left of the shot, and I watched this morning as the parent (not sure if it’s the mother or father) tore small pieces of meat off and fed the baby. Absolutely cool as hell. I could watch this all day long…

  6. Ah yes, the contemplative Jim Comey.
    A man.
    Alone with his thoughts.

    Well, alone aside from the professional photographer with light filtering lenses who travels to far away places with him.

  7. NEVER feed winged cockroaches of the sky.
    That is what tourist do when they see the ocean
    for the 1st time… splat,smells just like rotten fish.

  8. MJA, note that all of those old pics are taken from behind him. To me, the camera angles and secluded settings make them all look like hitman POV pics, as if Comey wanted to portray himself as a martyr.

    But now, as the camera moves around to the side in this latest portrait of Dorian Grey, it appears to me that the worm is turning, and Comey’s troubles are just beginning. The first thing that I thought of when I saw those trees was…”Those look like jail bars.”

  9. …and the next phase in American politics begins.

    Choose your favorite outcome:

    (1) No investigation of witch hunt perpetrators but Trump wins in 2020 by a landslide after tearing all parties new anal orifices. Democratic Party damaged for a generation.

    (2) Some investigation of principal guilty parties involved but not enough for any resolution before 2020. Trump wins in 2020. The country feels like: “Who cares, we’re all tired of this shit anyway!”

    (3) Full-blown, DOJ criminal investigations to begin before 2020 leading to indictments. Convictions occur after 2020. The 2020 election is up in the air: Trump barely wins or barely loses. Years later, Hillary Clinton dies before being convicted. Barack Obama is disgraced but spared under the “We don’t convict former Presidents” doctrine. Witnesses mysteriously disappear and later show up decomposing in various parks.

    (4) Enter your favorite outcome here _________________.

  10. Hmm … vaguely reminiscent of HRC’s “solo” sojourns through the woods …

    (surrounded by a coterie of worshippers and photographers)

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. …then by all means, let’s accommodate him.


    He can navel gaze all he wants in a fabulous striped jumpsuit.

  12. The big question that comes to my mind is why isn’t Comey in prison?

    Jimmy: there will be no serious reprocussions and nobody of importance. Trump will barely win but that will be because of voter fraud on the part of the Dems because the (anti-Trump) RINO’s won’t want to do anything in the spirit of “getting along.”

    I just wish the RINO’s would realize that you can’t get along with someone who has no interest in getting along with you.


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