The Economist Writes That U.S. ‘Soldier Worship is Problematic’

The Lid: If there is anything worse than a liberal magazine commenting on American culture, it’s a liberal British magazine doing the same.  The Economist published a piece called America’s love affair with uniformed men is problematic that suggests that American soldiers are not patriotic. It also blasts people who are supportive of our armed forces.

The article begins with a very cynical paragraph:

A POIGNANT feature of American bases in Iraq were their walls of Thank You cards sent by American schoolchildren. Often displayed outside the chow-hall, where the troops gathered to eat, they typically thanked them for “being over there to keep us safe”. Hardly any of the soldiers Lexington spoke to, during several trips to Iraq, believed that to be the case. Their Iraqi enemies were fighting a defensive war, not trying to launch one against America. Yet the soldiers accepted the sentiment unblushingly. No soldier expects the beloved chumps back home to understand what he gets up to. He just needs to feel appreciated.

According to The Economist piece, Americans obtain a  “highly romanticised view of military service, which is inaccurate and counter-productive at best.” MORE

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  1. OK, Economist – how is it “problematic?”
    Another word overused and abused by ignorant fukkin dumb-asses.
    Need a 4-syllable word where a 2 would do?

    Fuck you.
    My Dad,
    My Sister,
    My Brother,
    My Son,
    Uncles, Brothers-in-Law, Cousins, &c., &c., &c.

    You (obviously) don’t understand something as subtle as “patriotism” – and – being a bunch of fukkin Limeys – possess nothing to be “patriotic” about.
    You’ve given your nation, your empire, to the rat-people and now chaff at anything having any semblance of a chance at existence.
    You’re committing suicide and despise anything healthy.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. The Economist is partly right; American leftists have such a romantic view of military service that they worship transgender soldiers and women in combat.

  3. A little OT,as we speak my Nephew is on his way to Lakland AF Base for Basic Training.Then scheduled on to California Monterey DOD Language school, for Linguistic training.

  4. The English, French and a multitude of other European countries have done us a big favor as we now are under no obligation to go and fight for them in the future!

  5. This from a country where a soldier was beheaded on the street by muslim savages.

    Hey Economist, go stuff yourself!

  6. Maybe fix your muzzie ridden wreck of an ’empire’ before working on ours. We’ve been either kicking your ass or saving you from the Germans for 250 years.

  7. The “Not so Great Britain”, shows us how they have adopted the french policy of surrender in their own country. Not much to be patriotic or proud about.

    Britain, will you be throwing a ticker tape parade for the returning terrorist Jihadis?

  8. They’re just butthurt because American military men carted off the best and brightest bints after saving their island.


  9. The Left destroys everything it touches.

    The Economist was once a serious reputable mainstream source…another US News & World Report, with a British slant.

    It’s been marching Leftward at least the last 20 years. Now it’s gone full Marxist.

    Circulation is shrinking. Boomers still read it, just as Boomers still watch CNN (average CNN viewer is age 62. Wow)

    At some point Economist will follow the other glossy print newsweeklies into online-only.
    Then it will devolve into another Buzzfeed/Daily Beast, and competing for the same finite pool of eyeballs and advertisers.

  10. This was written by a Cambridge-educated Muzzie. The process is nearly complete. This is more like “Weekend at Bernie’s” – a hand inside a dead meat puppet and some bad ventriloquism. The Economist that taught me Conservatism many years ago is long dead and this Muzzie is crowing over its corpse. RIP.

  11. Another JAB at our military.

    They would rather we re-direct our worship to unfunny day time talk show lesbians.

  12. Fuck you limey cunts. Keep offering your children to your new koranimal overlords and maybe you will be able to drink your last pint in peace at the last local soccer game.

  13. As a veteran who experienced the polar opposite of this during my service, let me go on record. Believing, through empirical evidence, this is a lot better.
    Keep your powder dry men.

  14. Personally, I have no ‘romanticized’ view of military service, I believe it is a terrible job, that can be a horrid sacrifice.

    THAT’S why I respect the hell out of the men and women who volunteer to do it.

    I don’t give a flying fuck what a bunch of cowardly Brits, who hate their own country so much, that they invite terrorist invaders in to take it over, think about Americans, or the American military.

    GFY Britistan

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