The Elderly Man in This Video Was Killed – Killer Has Evaded Police Because Mask Wearing is Commonplace – IOTW Report

The Elderly Man in This Video Was Killed – Killer Has Evaded Police Because Mask Wearing is Commonplace

Mandating masks has been a dream come true for thieves, robbers, thugs and killers.

This 83-year-old Home Depot employee never went home after he asked for the receipt of three pressure cookers.

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  1. It’s almost as if this is pre-streamed first?
    Know what I mean?

    An 80 and a waddle and a long beep beep beep

  2. Hit that potted plant and security scanner pretty hard with the side of his head.

    Closed head bleeding, skull fracture, transient clot, couple of different ways this can kill an old man, quckly or slowly but probably painfully.

    All so a young man who’s fit to work could steal pressure washers for resale later.

    All three together could not wash away this sin from his soul.

    They’ve certainly taught the kids to devalue human life. And definitely made it easier for them to literally get away with murder.

    Good job, Democrats.

    Good job.

    May the Lord reward you appropriately for all that you’ve destroyed and all that you’ve killed in the name of your own gods of temporal power and wealth here on Earth.

  3. Imagine what a hammer would have done?

    That poor old 80 year old will not be attending any partys for Hunter.

    Just who is asleep here?

  4. Well duh when they told us to be masked in a frickin bank you’d have to be blind to not see this wouldn’t end well.

    Why doesn’t private business stand up like they did for the mask against the mask? Hang a sign, “no masks allowed.” Boom problem solved, reject all the morons who wear a mask. But they won’t because there’s no incentive to do so, not even because of thieves or killers. They need big government to mandate it.

  5. Home Depot will be held liable.
    Have the pawn shops look out for new RYOBE stolen merch.
    Use the chop saw on the perps arms.

  6. I saw a picture of the Hammer someplace else.

    It’s a real thing. A Ballpeen style Hammer.

    Made of metal and the hammer part is a steel shaped dildo om a wooden shaft and no claw part. Somehow they rock it.

    TMI. I know.
    But the Cops are covering it up.

  7. I couldn’t watch the vid. No stomach for cruel violence, especially against those who cannot fight back.

    I hope the man will be remembered for all the good times and good things he accomplished in his 80 years. This is too ignoble a way for a man or woman to close out their time on earth. The murderer must not be allowed to both kill him outright and then steal the dignity and sacredness of the man’s life.

  8. . . . and all over $150 worth of kitchen appliances. I pray for all to come to Jesus. The Bible tells us there are none too far gone, but if the murderer misses his opportunity may be know what it feels like to spend eternity in a pressure cooker floating on a lake of fire.

  9. FarmWife
    DECEMBER 7, 2022 AT 12:15 PM
    “I’m with JDHasty. Did they check the parking lot cameras to see what vehicle he drove off in plus get plate #?”

    …the cameras are never working when the truth doesn’t suit the narrative.

    See Epstein’s prison, the MGM Grand, the Capitol, and anything else the Democrats want to lie about for further details.

  10. Según la OMS, la organización mundial de la salud, “los traumatismos debidos al tránsito, son la principal causa de mortalidad entre los niños y los jóvenes de cinco a 29 años”. La cifra es alarmante, pero no todo está perdido, hay aspectos muy importantes que están en nuestras manos y que pueden ayudarnos a prevenir.

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