The Elite Freak Out When Trump Puts Americans First

Kurt Schlichter/Town Hall:

Of all Donald Trump’s many sins against the Great Church of the Transnational Leftist Establishment, his greatest may be his stubborn refusal to subordinate the needs of the normal citizens of the United States to the dogmas of our alleged betters. He rejects the secular civic religion of our betters, one that urges the sacrifice of regular folk’s interests on the altar of their self-regard and cheesy self-interest.

Trump is a heretic, a blasphemer, and it’s no surprise they want to burn him at the stake.

Horrors! He demands that the Europeans fund their own defense at levels that come to about half of what America spends!

Oh well, I never! He refuses to hobble the American economy as a tribute to the false god of the weird weather religion and he dumped the Paris Climate Grift!

Vapors! He rejects the notion that free trade is a one-way street into America’s markets and thinks that we ought to get the same deal on stuff we sell to outsiders as they get selling to us.

The bizarre part is that Trump isn’t even seeking an advantage over these foreigners who have been getting over on us. He seeks only reciprocity in our relations, and as a result the foreign policy elite is collectively wetting itself.  more

4 Comments on The Elite Freak Out When Trump Puts Americans First

  1. I read an article a day or two ago that said federal agencies will be spending a lot more than normal in Q4 this year, based simply on the fact that in general they have spent a smaller percentage of their budgets YTD than in prior years. Could it be that agencies are actually planning to not use their entire budget this year? That concept never occurred to the author of the article. I’ll wait for final results, but this is another way Trump can reduce wasteful spending.

  2. The idiot of the author does not even recognize the form of government that we have.
    He thinks we are a dumbocracy! Could be he’s just another horses posterior!

  3. These scum treat Trumps common sense and patriotism as if it were an uncontained superbug sweeping across the land.


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