The Embarrassing Spectacle of Betomania

NR: It’s enough to drive even the most mild-mannered Texan crazy.

Attention, journalists of America: Time is running out! You have under three weeks left to publish your last batch of over-the-top pre-election puff pieces on Texas Democrat/cross-country liberal sensation/wing-and-a-prayer Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke!

It is here that we must face the difficult truth: Barring a GOP-related disaster of some sort, O’Rourke — he of that ineffable “cool factor” and “special sauce,” at least according to easily impressed columnists at the Washington Post — is likely to lose big. According to the latest polls, Senator Ted Cruz leads him by anywhere between seven and nine points. Tuesday’s debate between the two, meanwhile, was so mismatched that O’Rourke’s best moment might have involved a random deer-in-the-headlights story in which he described how he “got to meet this blind squirrel who is slowly regaining its sight.”

In summary, this year’s Betomania — a somewhat weird phenomenon, as we’ll explore in a bit — seems set to disappear from view just as quickly as it arrived, at least in the Lone Star State. On one hand, this possibility warms my heart, given that in my neck of Texas, it has grown rather exasperating to have to wade through 15,000 blaring BETO yard signs when I’m simply trying to get a breakfast taco or four. On the other hand, I also feel a tinge of melancholy and regret about all of this, given that I never got my act together enough to print ironic t-shirts with the following brilliant slogan I made up all by myself: “You BETO vote for Ted Cruz.”

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. I’d like to further discuss the debate between O’Rourke and Ted Cruz, and also actual policy issues, and also perhaps the fact that many people in politics seem to be slowly going insane. But first, can we talk about how embarrassing Betomania is? Friends, I am deeply concerned for our culture. When you look at a middle-aged establishment politician as an icon of “rock star” cool, you’re doing something wrong.  more

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  1. Today, I went to see Ted Cruz and Hannity in a huge hangar at the local airport. The hangar was full when I got there and there were enough people to fill it three more times waiting outside. Beto is going down like Rosie on a pork chop.

  2. Beto is a function of those who want to be “in with the in crowd” and take for granted that the MSM is always one step behind. They are “in” as much as who missed new wave thought disco was still where it was at. By the time they caught up new wave was yesterday’s news. Just like Marxism is on today’s campus. The media is reporting it, we better get on board or be left behind! Losers who are not even aware they are one step behind.

  3. Don’t laugh *too* hard, yet: Soros & Co. may be setting him up to become the next pretty-face Obama. [though I expect too much *known* history will prevent that]

  4. .45-70 best intent and agrees. To Hambone’s credit though, ‘to see Ted Cruz and Hannity in a huge hangar’ I’d pay a Dollar for! Literally.

  5. I’m back now, broke the toilet though, just vomited on a whole Lotta “Rosie’,,, How did that slob get in here?

  6. “Beto” is the kind of guy I’d like to have a beer with……….only so I could throw mine in his stupid face!


    He’s cool! What’s on his ipod? (after the election, “I don’t even own an ipod).

    He’s better than Lincoln, Washington, and Jefferson!

    Hey, it DOES work, so don’t knock it even though we don’t fall for it, others do.

  8. White Ted Cruise is racist against genuine ethnic Hispanic Latino Beto *swoon*

  9. The Dems keep telling me that the Golden Age of White Guys in politics is over, but then they kick their Diversity Candidate Squad to the curb and swoon over the first young white guy that comes along. And who’s their current front-runner? An old white guy. It doesn’t help that they can’t seem to cut the old white ladies loose, either.

    The Dems: chocolate and nutty on the outside, with a rich, creamy white center.


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