The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You Idiots In Austin

About 200 residents of Austin showed up on a street corner last week when the President came to town in support of Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Of course being Austin, the ding-a-lings weren’t there to support the victims or the president, they showed up to do their idiotic best to express their opposition to the administration.

Paul Joseph Watson provides commentary on the stupidity Here

The original video of the protesters  Here

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  1. I think the thing to take from this is that it’s Austin and only 200 people showed up. While part of that could be due to the weather it could also be true that an awful lot of the knee-jerk opposition to Trump is now less likely to hit the streets. You saw that in the Charlotte to DC march where only 200 someodd started and when they called it off only 35 were left. The worm may be starting to turn.

  2. To many WORTHLESS morons is in Austin. Looks like most of them live mom & Dads. Not gainfully employed? Couldnt hold a job? DOLTS apparent

  3. Austin, the most liberal idiotic city in Texas. With a city motto like “Keep
    Austin Weird” what do ya expect. ole Stephan F must be rolling over in his grave.
    Glad I is a aggie

  4. If someone would have told me 10 years ago that I would be going to Alex Jone’s Info Wars website to get reasonable information on politics I would have laughed in his/her face.
    The world has turned completely upside down… or I have woken up.

  5. Jethro

    I’ve determined Info Wars would be a decent place if they got rid of Alex Jones. Kinda like the Blaze and Glen Beck.

  6. A lefty acquaintance of mine sent his daughter to UT Austin for her “political science degree”. He raved about the city and school and said it was a progressive island in a sea of rednecks.
    Five years later she is a flaming lesbian. I mean a real man hater. She won’t even speak to her father anymore because he is a white male.

  7. Why don’t the little SJW’s down here get all up in your face instead of just carrying their little signs? Oh yeah, their conviction is relative to what retaliation they might encounter. Texan libtards are cowards, have no doubt.

  8. And AP even called Harvey an “equal opportunity” hurricane!
    I guess they didn’t get the note on the PROPER narrative….

  9. Dumb as rocks, they put the rest of Texas to shame. These useful tools are the same ones who will NEVER lift a finger to help anyone in need because they believe their spew is more important.

  10. Another unexplored circumstance is the is the fact that maybe missing mineral in the water that damages brain cells and destroys the ability to think rationally. or was that some science fiction?

  11. A poll taken of those 200 would likely find a large % of CA and other left-coast transplants – would y’all mind taking them back?

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