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The Façade Wears Thin

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And while we’re talking about Trump rallies, the video of his appearance in Wellington, Ohio, at the end of June has been watched more than 1 million times.

Meanwhile, if you go to Biden’s YouTube channel (and Trump, as you know is banned from YouTube), you’ll discover that people are just a wee bit less supportive of Biden than they are of Trump. For his July Fourth speech, Biden managed to pull in a whole 16,000 views or, more accurately, Mrs. Joe Biden managed to pull in 16,000 views and the Marine Corps band More

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  1. I don’t watch him because A) I can’t understand what he mumbles, so it’s a waste of time and B) When I can understand him, he doesn’t make any sense, so it’s a waste of time 2X. Not to mention all the other reasons.

  2. I don’t watch Slow Joe because I keep throwing stuff at the TV and I just bought it a year ago.

  3. I always felt that they’ve looked like they know their trash ain’t selling. They’ve never looked comfortable in the position and there’s been constant distractions to keep the public from drawing their
    attention to it. The press is most responsible for the farce played on the country. Hang them first!

  4. I won’t listen to Biden, I’ll just read the Book, Rules for Radicals, by Saul Alinsky.
    I see what the people behind puppet Joe are doing, just look at the “How to Create a Socialist State”.
    The democrat Socialists know no bounds in their effort to destroy the United States. Corrupt elections isn’t all the democrat socialists are up to.
    Poor, old, corrupt, ignorant, demented Joe wanted to be President so bad he offered himself up as a tool of the Socialists/Communists.
    He’s a powerless figurehead at best, while socialists weaponize all the federal agencies.

  5. It couldn’t be more obvious.

    What is also obvious it that the establishment Republicans were involved up to their eyeballs in the coup d’é·tat.

  6. DO the Communists that are now in total control of our country really give a rats ass what the population thinks of them anymore. They control the media, the Intelligence Agencies, Law Enforcement, and very soon the Military. If they decide to call off all Federal Elections in 2024 who’s going to stop them? Remember their big panic about what would happen if Trump wouldn’t leave the White House? They were projecting. Again.

  7. Not to mention Trump Won is everywhere now. Someone keeps spray painting it on a guard rail on a main road in our town. They also unfortunately vandalized some business signs with it. The facade is not being tolerated by a lot of people.

  8. My father was in the Army. When we were in Germany, he was in the Inspector General’s office. One of his inspection trips took him and the other inspectors from his office to Berlin.

    Being officers of one of the occupying powers, they were able to go into East Berlin and go wherever they wanted. Besides playing cat and mouse with a Soviet half-track that followed them everywhere, they drove down back streets and saw behind the facades of the Potemkin village that was East Berlin.

    And that is what leftists want in the US.

    Families also went to Berlin. We got a tour of East Berlin, but we were restricted as to what we could see. I remember going to a museum. There was a class field trip that arrived at the same time we did – – they had to wait outside until we left.

  9. Stuttering, mumbling, whispering , lying , exaggerating, unintelligible, disconnected, boastful, jibberish. Other than that he’s OK.

  10. The facade was worn thin when the husk first won office nearly 50 years ago. Sure does not say good things about people who vote in Delaware.


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