‘The Face of the Ice Bucket Challenge’ Dead at 34

Pete Frates, who battled ALS, popularized the challenge.

(NEWSER) – Pete Frates, a former college baseball player whose determined battle with Lou Gehrig’s disease made him, per CBS Boston, “the face of” the ALS ice bucket challenge that has raised more than $200 million worldwide, died Monday, the AP reports. He was 34. Frates died peacefully, surrounded by his family, they said in a statement. “A natural born leader and the ultimate teammate, Pete was a role model for all, especially young athletes, who looked up to him for his bravery and unwavering positive spirit in the face of adversity,” the family said.

“He was a noble fighter who inspired us all to use our talents and strengths in the service of others.” The ice bucket challenge began in 2014 when pro golfer Chris Kennedy challenged his wife’s cousin Jeanette Senerchia, whose husband has ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease after the New York Yankees great who suffered from it.


5 Comments on ‘The Face of the Ice Bucket Challenge’ Dead at 34

  1. as someone who, so far, has not experienced any major debilitating injuries or health issues (I thank God every day for his/her/it’s blessings upon me), I feel total empathy for this tortured soul.

    may the Lord grant him peace in rebirth

  2. RIP
    Wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

    Hate to say it, cuz I’m a pro-life kind of guy, but with ALS the sooner, the better (observation of an ignorant bystander).

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Sadly most people didn’t know that some of the money being raised for ALS went to aborted fetal tissue research and may have supported abortion clinics and causes.

    As for me, my church, and house – we took a pass.

    I mourn however for all those suffering such diseases and remember that the Lord made us perfect, but our sinful nature made us less so.

    Believe in His Son Jesus Christ, allow him into your heart and you will be made whole again.


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