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The Face of University Idiocy Has a Name!

This is the Yale University idiot that cursed out a teacher for not adequately nurturing her safe space.

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Her name is Jerelyn Luther. Read all about her.

10 Comments on The Face of University Idiocy Has a Name!

  1. I hope the family business implodes because of all the unintended “free” publicity it has received. I hope the Luthers lose their fancy house and are rendered homeless, Crunt Girl has to withdraw from Yale, and the entire family gains some “inclusivity” with the lower socioeconomic echelons of society.

  2. She must be the daughter of arch-villain Lex Luthor, who changed the spelling of her last name.

    Her super power is that she’s a singularity of stupidity, people get dumber just by being in her presence. Her anti-intellectual gravity field just sucks the wisdom out of anyone within 50 feet

  3. READ ALL ABOUT HER! WHY? I don’t give a crap about a spoiled, poser, loser, who is probably being paid to stir the shit.

  4. Anyone done a DNA check to see it she is one of Moose Obama’s daughters?

    Can’t wait for Malaria and Sharia to enter college. A whole new level of Black Privilege will be attained.

  5. Ya, you’re right. We should just let leftist college students test how far their exertion of power over society can go. Let’s do it with no pushback, no isolation and ridicule, no nothing.
    In fact, let’s all just go to sleep!!!!!!

    zzzzzzzzzz… zzzzzzzzzzz. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    wake me when you have “bigger” issues to explore.

    What are they again if it’s not left versus right?

    You deserve the fundamental transformation of America.

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