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The Face of University Idiocy

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You want to put a face to University idiocy today? Here it is – the poster child (and I MEAN CHILD) of the up-twinkle, finger-snapping, entitlement, perpetually aggrieved, angry, binky sucking, need my safe-space to cocoon me from thoughts I don’t agree with, student. And there are millions more just like her.

This is an embarrassment, and the only reason this jerk isn’t tossed out on her ass after what she does in this video (dropping her backpack and making threatening advancements towards the teacher while cursing him out) is that college administrators have handed the schools over to these psychos because they are cash cows.

Back Story here.

The quick story is that Yale sent out an email blast that suggested students think long and hard about their choice of Halloween costumes and to make sure they aren’t offensive in any way.

A woman faculty member sent a reply to all saying that while in principle she agrees that costumes shouldn’t be offensive, she disagrees with a school sanctioned ban and that students should make their own choices and suffer the consequences, if any, from the court of public opinion.After all, colleges are places of higher learning.

The snowflake brigade, aka: perpetually offended students, called for resignation.

The man in the video being yelled at is the woman’s husband. He is also a faculty member.

This is RIDICULOUS, and everyone involved, except this man and his wife, should be embarrassed. Yale is no longer a place of academia, it is a a 4 year sleep-away camp for the weak-minded, limited perspective leftist, who must be coddled or you get THIS ->

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  1. There will be a reckoning. It won’t be pretty for anyone. Especially so for these precious ones.
    They are so unprepared to cope with anything outside of their carefully controlled environment.

  2. I couldn’t listen long, petulant children whining make me want me to hit them or call their parents.
    I just cannot imagine talking to a professor like that, doesn’t she know who gives her grades? Didn’t know her name, boy, she has a self esteem problem, not because it’s lacking. He said he will remember your name now, not so sure that’s a good thing.
    Yes, I said give, the only grades you really earn are in the sciences, I’m quite sure she isn’t a science student.

  3. Welcome to Obamaville where the Truth doesn´t matter and the dumbed-down, Xanax-disabled, blubbering, self-absorbed, spoon-fed, celebrity-obsessed, COEXIST bumper-sticker, Politically Correct, perpetually offended, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Gay, Transsexual, Transvestite, Queer, Angry Butch-Dyke, Mentally Ill worshipping inmates are running the asylum!

  4. When TSHTF there is going to be a lot of carcasses. I am a bit of a prepper. I guess I am going to have to buy some lime to help bury the bodies.

  5. Remember to get “quick lime” and not “barn lime.” Friend that moved to WI from IL made that mistake. Told him “At least you won’t slip when you walk on them.”

  6. Just don’t give in to this idiocy. These children are heading into our world where they will become leaders and voters. Unless we stand up to them, we are headed into a bizarre and frightening version of 1984. Herein lies the beauty and example of Trump and the refreshing world of ignoring political correctness.

  7. Just saw the end of the video. Where’s a Mo with a knife when you need one?

    Just another example of a kid who been doped up since grade school. Move on, they are everywhere, and you supposed to pretend they are normal.

  8. I just can’t wait until these crybabies finish school and experience “real life” conditions, i.e. working for a living. They’re in for a YUUUUUUGE shock, especially if Trump wins in 2016 and starts undoing all the Barackaflacka damage.

  9. Easier on the auditory nerves, but just as much a brain-shriek was this;

    Several comments were deleted. Mine never made it past the moderation stage.

    ““my feefees are hurt! take care of me!”

    ..Grow up.

    ..It blows my mind that people this emotionally fragile and frankly mentally troubled are in an institution of higher learning period, much less at Yale.
    What is going on with the world. Grow up.


    ..Yale should remove all of these crybabies from campus for creating an environment that isn’t conductive to receiving an education.”

    RosalindJ says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    November 6, 2015 at 5:47 pm

    As far as I can tell, these ‘hurting’ people are extraordinarily unprepared for life outside of college. I would advise Yale – as well as any other institution of higher learning – to stop colluding with them.

  10. Again, Israel does it right. Send those special snow flakes through 3 months of Marine Basic Training and 2 years of Military duty, including live fire enemy exposure, before they spend one day at a university.

  11. They are only being taught how to get free shit, hate white people, and screw up the system.

    It made me sick watching those out of control “students” trying to make that faculty member submit to their desires. They are demanding his surrender, and they actually think they have some right to that? Couldn’t watch the whole thing.

    Every school that I’ve attended would have called in a teargas squad for harassment of a employee like that.

  12. I found the finger snapping disturbing.

    The transformation into cattle is almost complete.

    I was trying to imagine one of them in a workplace where no one else is like that and when he/she started snapping – all it earned was some raised eyebrows of “WTF is wrong with you?”.

  13. Yes, I got through it, it was very difficult to get through. Oh how these students need to learn respect before they can get what they want.
    “Safe havens”…Get real youngins’, you’re outta the womb now.

  14. I didn’t watch it. I am looking to have a nice day.
    It pleases me to watch these feral children.
    They are chaff and I will get to have all their stuff after they are either carted off to camps (where they will try to pull the same shit) or they starve,

  15. That same kind of poor, immature attitude is why I hate the new Geico Peter Pan commercial. I despise smart aleck kids.

    It would be so much better if Jo Ann smacked the dog crap out of Peter as soon as he said , “You don’t look a day over 70. Am I ” SMACK !

    Geico could end the the commercial saying –
    Smacking the dog crap out of smart aleck kids is what you do.
    If you want to save 15% on insurance you switch to Geico

    When the whiny girl threatened to transfer – the appropriate response would have been – Thank you, don’t let the door hit ya on the ass. Yale would be better off without her. The little princess is not God’s gift to Yale.

  16. LOL; Ivy League institutions now have to contend with the result of liberal policies. They won’t admit they’ve been wrong. Instead, it’s so much easier to go for cowardice in the face of inadmissible behavior.

  17. So, these whiny, racist crybabies are attending Yale but aren’t content because it ain’t Patrice Lumumba University?


  18. Another phenomenon I’ve been noticing is sheer laziness/sloth in the young. They won’t eat anything that hasn’t been made for them, the don’t heat up leftovers–not even in a microwave.

    And I was in a JoAnn fabric store before Halloween and watched as a big-boned 17-18 year-old girl got “tired” and rested her upper body on the back of her middle-aged mom the entire time they were in the store. The mom would say, “Okay, I’m moving now” and the girl would just lumber after her with her head resting on the woman’s shoulder. Jeese! And they don’t actually sit in chairs, they recline. If their attention isn’t held beyond ten seconds, they’re “bored.”

  19. Wait until she gets a Masters in Administration and turns into the bureaucrat from Hell. Yup, I see her going into government or education.

  20. I envision the carpet between the aggrieved employees’ desks and the HR office being worn down to nothing.

    And if they pull this nonsense at work, they will eventually get fired. Who has the time to deal with this whiny – assed bullshit?

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