The Fake Black Woman Says She’s Bisexual

By the way, what does it mean to be BI-sexual?

That mans you have sex with BOTH of the TWO genders.

The B in LGBTQ states there are only TWO genders, thank you.

And now, back to this mentally ill woman’s  continuing problems–

Next up? She’s trans.


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  1. She also said she had been celibate for several years. Rejected by both sexes. That’s gotta hoit.

    I imagine that is involuntary and that if you give her another year that she’ll identify as a dog.

  2. Maybe she is trying to regenerate the offers to be in porn that she turned down before. She needs the money.

  3. Looks like they’re gonna have to change the B for “bisexual” to M for “multisexual”. I’m curious why the goat humpers are excluded?

  4. As our dear sainted Sen. Jesse Helms used to say, “She’s one of them TRI-sexuals; she’ll TRY anything, once!” 😳

  5. And now we’ll find out that she’s the president of the local NAABBP (National Association for the Advancement of Black Bisexual People) and on alternate Thursdays also identifies as a dwarf lesbian mother who is raising her transexual newborn as a vegan; sooner or later she’s going to wear out her welcome with all of the groups she identifies with.

  6. “Insanity has no end.” This lunatic’s insanity having no end is no surprise. But the insanity – and corruption – of the democrat media who lauds her, never ceases to surprise.

  7. Is she admitting to a stinky threesome with Willie Brown and Kameltoe Harris?

  8. She maxed out her Race Card so she applied for the Bi Sex card. She will find out all too soon that the Bi Sexual card only has a max limit of $5. I don’t even know if that is enough for 1 happy meal.

    The victim Olympics is a tough game to play. Not all sports are the same. You get less points of you are BI because you can choose to present yourself as normal or you can choose to be in a same sex relationship but if you are a minority or are 100% full time gay you are stuck with that cross 24/7.

    Now, take me for example. I’m a white male who isn’t into sports but I’m not into bonnet movies or talking about my feelings either. Oh, and I love my wife but I only bring that up in context of I’m attracted to females. As I’m not a “guy’s guy” it dawned on me that I must be a Bull Diked trapped in a man’s body. It works for me and my wife so what does that translate to in the Victim Olympics? White Male Privilege what ever the hell that means. Does White Male Privilege get me out of paying my taxes? No. Does it get me out of a speeding ticket? No. Did it get me out of changing diapers? No. But slap some C cup tits on me and change my name from Bruce to Catiline and I can literally crash my SUV while texting into another car killing people and not spend one day in jail.

    Rach D needs to read the fine print as she tries to regain her privileged status.

  9. I will wager that the alphabet people will welcome bestiality into their club soon. (If they have not already)

  10. Here’s what I think is going on. She’s been in the news getting trashed because that guy on a VLOG called Fauxcahontas the original dolezal, or whatever. Now, dolezal is feeling picked on, so she goes LGB123 and poof! No one can make fun of her without making fun of the LGB123’s.

    Ahhh, but they WILL make fun of you, honeychile. The Queens are THE WORST when it comes to catfights. I hope you keep catnip in your purse.

  11. I try my best not to GAS about others’ sexuality because it really doesn’t affect mine at all, but when they shove it in my face I have a very negative reaction.

    Then I get called (whatever)-phobic.

    No, you dumb#ss. I want you to leave me T F alone and respect that I am different from you and don’t GAS what you are as long as you keep it to yourself!

    Sorry for the acronymic cussing.

  12. She’s so desperate for attention that she posts this crap? Like so many liberals she’s an attention whore.

  13. @ Claudia

    What happened to the MGTOW moron?

    I was looking forward to whatever the back-and-forth produced.

    You must have scared him with your answer of expecting the love and respect back that you give!

    His running away from that lines up with it being a gay agenda to destroy loving relationships between men and women. “NO! NO! Can’t allow that!”

    He also quoted something never said on that page or in the article linked. Maybe he really was schiz.

  14. Dadof4, Yes, it must have taken the wind out of his sails. But I meant what I said, not just to shoo him off; it was an honest answer. Don’t think he expected that.

  15. The day after Father’s Day…

    Betting dad has to be so very proud of that and asking Mom, “Where did we go wrong?”

    And believe it or not I’m not asking for the suggested answers here.

    Yeah, you’re right I am.

    P.S. What’s a MGTOW?

  16. MGTOW
    Okay, I entered it on a search engine and I get even more confused by the day in the asylum we’re currently living in…

    Was laying down after working in the yard most of the day. Think I should go back upstairs now…

  17. Anymouse, nods, you got it right!
    ’bout the Father’s Day follow-up thingy,,
    how much meant it was, and yet today is a whole new day!

  18. WTF & WTF is a Rachel Anne Doležal except on Twatter?
    Just went through my Sh*ts given file (wearing latex gloves) and found nothing,,
    For the XBOX, Hipsters and Millennials,
    1st WTF = WHAT
    2nd WTF = WHO

  19. No shame at all with this one. She gets caught stealing from taxpayers and has the nerve to keep herself in the spotlight.

    Some serious mental illness on display.

  20. Raise your hand if you give a fuck about Rachel’s perversions!
    C’mon! Let’s have a count.

    Now, I’m a little confused (usually I’m a lot confused) but does this mean that she’s willing to suck Buttigieg’s dick? Or lick his pussy? Or deep-tongue Bradley Manning? Or Bruce Jenner? Or does she want to be penetrated by Rachel Madcow? Or she want to break Obola down like a shotgun and do him like a big dog? Or have Big Moose do the same to her?
    Told ya – I’m a tad confused – just can’t understand.

    Somebody hep a bruthuh out … uhh … come to think of it … don’t bother.

    izlamo delenda est …

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