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The Fake News Media to the rescue!

Patriot Retort: The fake news media isn’t even trying to hide their naked bias for Democrats anymore.

Not that they ever really hid it before.

Barack and Michelle Obama are living proof that the news media will go to any lengths to create a mythology and false narrative around Democrats.

But now instead of being the personal PR firm of the Obamas, the fake news media is officially the personal PR firm of the DNC as a whole.

After anti-Semite Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib was recorded saying, “we’re gonna go in and impeach the motherfucker!” the Washington Post actually burped out this bit of nonsense:

Opinion: What’s so wrong with motherf—er?

Honestly, this kind of shameless garbage doesn’t even shock me anymore.

They’ll defend anything so long as it is a Democrat who says or does it.


Was there a WaPo editorial called “What’s so wrong with shithole?”

Because if there was, I missed it.

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  1. “What’s so wrong with motherf—er?”

    Nothing….until you use that against a liberal.

  2. In this corner:
    The American Way
    Number Forty Five
    The 45th President of the U.S.A.
    President Donald J. Trump

    The challengers:
    Nancy and Chuck
    Media make three
    Wicked dreams
    Evil schemes
    The demon way triplets

    Stay Tuned

  3. “Opinion: What’s so wrong with motherf—er?”

    And yet they won’t dare print that.
    If it is acceptable, print it on your frontage banner, motherfuckers

    How many words did they waste, coaxing that narrative into the minds of their readers, just to avoid using the very word itself?
    While it may be acceptable language in their world, it is not welcome in mine.

  4. I am now a proud deplorable mutherfucker!🎆🎉🏆

  5. “Opinion: What’s so wrong with motherf—er?”

    Depends on if you are using it as a noun or a verb!

  6. The term is a vile ghetto reference defiling black women.

    No wonder the party of hillary clinton loves it.

  7. The leftists labor diligently on coarsening of the culture through both words and deeds. Take a look at any of our major cities across the country, would you want to bring your child for a visit and expose them to the filthy conditions in every direction? Todays america has the atmosphere of an unflushed toilet.

  8. Reminds me of the time Larry the Liberal ran over a raccoon on a back road.
    He went to the cop shop to report it for a clean up crew and was referred to a black sergeant.
    Not wanting to offend the guy and being perfectly politically correct, Larry told him he had run over “What you guys call each other”.
    The black cop, incredulously said, “You mean to tell me you ran over a Motherfucker???”

  9. Good point, Toby Miles. If they don’t know what’s so wrong with it, why did they omit the “uck”. Obviously SOMETHING must be wrong with it, otherwise, why did they censor their own motherfucking statement?

    Damn shame critical thinking isn’t being taught anymore. If it were, that rag woulda been laughed out of existence years ago.

    BTW, perfect comeback, Dianny. What’s so wrong with “shithole”, then?

  10. Well, Bill Clinton gave the children “blowjob,” now this anti semite, leftist crank gives the children “motherfucker.”
    Political discourse just hit a new low. We are turning into a “shithole.”

  11. ^^^ My Urban Zen master dictionary sez it’z the shitholistic approach…

  12. “Opinion: What’s so wrong with motherf—er?

    If there’s nothing wrong with motherfucker than why print “motherf-er?”

    Hypocrisy, much, WaPo?

    izlamo delenda est …

  13. Anybody remember how the press reacted when Cheney told someone to get f*cked? Wanna bet that shows up in the hit-piece movie about Cheney ? To the Press it’s all about whose Ox is getting gored, and who is doing the goring. Jarhead Cracka

  14. Soon to be taught to first-graders.

    Kids, last week we learned how to say and spell “Fuck” and “Cunt”. This week, we will learn an exciting new word that you’ll need to understand, read, write, and say….It’s “Mother-fucker”. Its a multiple syllable word, so lets take it slow, one syllable at a time. Now repeat slowly after me: mot…her…fuck…er. Good job.

  15. If these ghetto types (e.g. Rashida Tlaib) knew their fathers, then they would be fucking them too.

  16. Remember the outcry (including the WAPOO) when Rep. Joe Wilson said to Obozo: “You lie”?

  17. Tony R- I remember when obama _did_ lie.
    He still does.
    Joe Wilson just pointed out the emperor’s new clothes
    but, yes, I do remember that- it is seared into my hippocampus

  18. When Jeff Bezos ( purchased the Washington Post he told them to let all their bias show through. He doesn’t care if the place loses money or reputation because he’s the richest asshole on the face of the planet and can do what he wants. Remember that when you log into Amazon to buy that book or snack food you wanted.


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