The fall of San Francisco

American Thinker: By Monica Showalter

Leftists in San Francisco are in denial.

The San Francisco Chronicle is constantly putting out reports selectively parsing data to present a picture claiming there’s no big crime issue in San Francisco.

At the same time, Soros-financed district attorney Chesa Boudin is telling the press “not me” as the smash-and-grab lootings of retailers in the city continue with few consequences.  “This is not a San Francisco specific problem.  It doesn’t have anything to do with local policy,” Boudin told KPIX, as if the problem didn’t have a San Francisco pioneering nexus or that all of the affected cities happen to have district attorneys just like him.  For people who think there’s a problem, see, it’s all in their heads.  “If it feels that way then we’ve got work to do.  We want everyone to feel safe and to be safe in San Francisco, and until everybody is safe and feels safe our work is not done.  That’s why I’ve been focused on proactive work.”

Feels?  You see, you are only imagining things.  Chesa doesn’t want you to be safe; he wants you to “feel” safe — never mind what actually happens.  Chesa’s job as he sees it is to serve as chief therapist, not chief law enforcer, to relieve not criminals of their opportunities, but silly you of your delusions.

Outside all that parsing, San Francisco is starting to look like this:

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  1. “This is not a San Francisco specific problem.”

    He is technically correct, group looting is endemic throughout the Bay Area.

    Since I don’t talk to libs anymore except on the tennis courts where politics is off-limits by my own decree, I can’t figure out why this is condoned.

    The Bay Area is filled with rich people. Of the top 10 most affluent in the nation zip codes, we have 4 of them close by. The wealthy are not victims of circumstances, they control and influence circumstances so the only conclusion I can draw is that they approve of such behavior. Whether through white guilt or subservience to racial equity the wealthy have decided that the black thugs are owed something. So if this assuages the guilt they feel for their white privilege, it is a small price to pay for them to feel better about themselves.

  2. I’ve never been to fag city. I always wanted to visit to see the streets filmed in the Bullitt movie and the twisty-turny road on the side of the hill, and to ride a street car. Now all those things are not worth it considering it is now a rapidly declining shithole, just like all the other major cities in the once great USA.

  3. Detroit looked like a bombed out third world shithole until they bulldozed large swaths and turned it back into farmland. Once the tax base gets up and leaves, these cities are screwed.

  4. Can’t imagine why any humans would stay in SF.
    Corporate America too chickenshit to move out?
    Well, if they’re willing to expose their employees to all that filth and potential violence, then they’re probably not worth sticking with – their employees obviously don’t mean much to them.

    All the money in the world won’t do you any good if you’re dead (as Nancy, HRC, Joey, Soros, Gates, and some others are going to discover).

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Soon they will be electing more squad members and their type will become the heart and soul of the democrat party. If they aren’t already.

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