“The Fall of Wisconsin”

This weekend is the Madison book festival and BookTV is there covering all the action. One regionally specific publication is titled, “The Fall of Wisconsin.” It isn’t about the autumn colors (which were magnificent this year) or hunting season.
It’s a lament for what the left has lost during the Walker Era.

Author Dan Kaufman recounts Act 10 (that stopped the teacher’s union from taking dues automatically), becoming a right to work state and much needed reforms in the university system. Just the blurbs alone are entertaining reading.  Watch 

My Amazon Review: A Thoroughly Enjoyable Read.
What I liked most about this book is the tone of defeat and the admission that Progressivism was tried for about 100 years, it failed, and now the citizens of this most practical state have moved on to what works.

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  1. Oh, it’s a book. I thought you were talking about yesterday’s football game. I thoroughly enjoyed th that fall of Wisconsin.

  2. The author’s a certifiable envious socialist of old school 19th century. He blames all the recent set backs on “black money,” i.e. Citizens United. While your modern leftist believes the nation is divided and repressed groups created along social lines (race, sex, legal status) Kaufman still clings to class envy.

    I did a search on the local library system for this book that has only been out for a few months. There must be 10 copies out there just in the NW part of the state. I suspect some generous progressive organization “donated” multiple copies across the state for WI progressives to bone up on their propaganda.

  3. As a life long resident I just want to give these LEFTIST ingrates the finger.



  4. I want a placard on a bench, Mickey. I know I’ll never get a statue, but it’s been years since the recall. John Doe deserves a bench.


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